Hard Standing Pitches

2015 – New Stone Road and Five Hard Standing Pitches

In March of 2015 we had some issues with wet ground despite the 200m land drain we fitted. Therefore I proceeded to secure planning permission for a road and hard standing pitches.

A weeks work and 270 tonnes of stone later we now have a road and five hard standing pitches with a depth of 6+ inches.

Luckily due to the very nice and dry weather we have been having over the end of September we have damaged the field very little with the diggers, dumpers and tractors.

The land drain we previously installed runs directly under the road, which should help to keep it in a good condition.

The pitches have a 10x3m long section to park the unit and a 5x3m long section to park a car, below are some pictures of the work and final road and pitches.






Hard Standing Pitches

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