Auto-Trail Frontier Comanche Motorhome Video Review

Today we have a video review of a fairly large motorhome, particularly when you factor in its only really for two people, its the Auto-Trail Frontier Comanche. This is a rear island bed motorhome and as the reviewer states it comes in three roof styles. Practical Motorhome prefer the low profile version and I would tend to agree, you get better MPG and the motorhome will be more stable in cross winds. Due to the length (8.73m) and weight there is a tag axel on the Auto-Trail Frontier Comanche.

There are lots of external features such as a shower point and gas point. Unfortunately the toilet cassette is next to the entrance door however the location and ease of use of the gas locker somewhat makes up for it. The lounge area in the motorhome is very large, which may seem strange for a 2 berth. However really there is also a double bed space here its just there are only two belted seats in the Auto-Trail Frontier Comanche so other guests would have to arrive by car. There is also lots of storage above and below the lounge area.

The kitchen in this motorhome is very nice with an L shaped work space, however I would have liked to see a sink which is a bit larger. You get three gas burners and one electric hot plate full oven and grill but the microwave is a bit of a let down. Firstly its very small compared to many of the microwaves you will see in motorhomes and caravans today and the location is an issue. Its very high up and this is really a safety issue, particularly if you are not tall enough to reach it comfortably. One highlight of the kitchen though is the fridge freezer, first its huge but also it has automatic energy selection so it chooses 12V, mains or gas which ever is most appropriate.

The washroom is spilt just in front of the rear bedroom with the shower on one side and the toilet on the other. Generally these are good spaces though as the reviewer states they really should have put two drains in the shower for when your pitch is not quite level. Also the arrangement of the toilet door and the screen I find quite odd. The rear bed space offers lots of room but the omission of power sockets next to the bed is frustrating.

Generally the Auto-Trail Frontier Comanche is a very nice van, but you should expect that for £70,000. It they had addressed the issues with the microwave, shower drain and power sockets there would be little else to complain about.


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