BMW X3 Tow Car Video Review

This is a video review from Practical Caravan on the second generation BMW X3. As the reviewer comments the first generation X3 was definitely a bit of a low point for BMW. It was expensive, had a hard ride and there was a surprising amount of body work that BMW didn’t paint for some reason leaving it bare plastic. This second generation though is a much improved car.

The engine in this version is a 2.0 litre diesel that provides an impressive 184 BHP and even more impressive you can get 50+ MPG. To be able to get power and economy in one car is a significant advantage. The BMW X3 was able to tow a 1500 kg caravan from 30-60 MPH in just 10 seconds which is very good. It also apparently handles well at motorway speeds and is generally all round a stable drive.

You get quite a bit of space for the passengers and boot space is more than reasonable. The tow ball on the X3 is very odd, its motorised and unfolds its self from under the bumper. Quite a good trick to keep the back of the car neat when not needed. The only thing I would worry about is if that motor fails you have got a big problem.

As with all BMW’s this is not cheap (£35,000+) but you do get a capable car with quite a bit of luxury that will hold its value. If you have got the cash and you need to tow the X3 has gone from an outside choice to a serious consideration.


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