Chausson Suite Maxi Motorhome Video Review

Below is a video review from Practical Motorhome on the Chausson Suite Maxi, which is a two berth motorhome specifically targeted at the cyclists. This has an island kitchen and an additional 70cm for a built in bike locker at roughly a £45,000 price point. The gas locker only takes a small single gas bottle, not much gas is needed as the space heating is achieved with diesel. The water tank is interesting as due to the location of the tank it is a powered filling point, however you can save the power if you need to by filling the tank inside the motorhome, but that is a little impractical.

The bike rack on the Chausson Suite Maxi is a vertical garage arrangement, although we do not get to see it in the video a motorised rack comes down for you to easily put the bikes on and then lifts into position for storage. The main bed is not in the lounge area of the Chausson Suite Maxi therefore it can be designed specifically for dinning and it makes a really nice space. The table can move in two directions, though as the reviewer states it may be a little dark due to limited natural light because of the bed above.

The main bed is electrically operated and drops down over the dinning space on two settings. The first will require a ladder but you can still sort of use the lounge underneath and the second stage is a full drop down to the lounge table. They have put in a key system and locks so you cannot accidentally start lowering the bed during a meal and squash your dinner.

The kitchen in the Chausson Suite Maxi is an island and its got a lot of work top space and full access around the kitchen which is great. There may only be a two burner hob, however for a van and occupancy such as this that shouldn’t really be a problem.  The central fridge/freezer and oven grill looks very nice and very domestic, however the grill/oven maybe a bit high for some people. While there is limited storage space within the lounge there is lots of space in the kitchen. I also agree with the reviewer that the pull out cupboard will come in very handy.

Now when I first saw the washroom in the Chausson Suite Maxi I was sceptical. I understood the reason for its shape due to the bike locker, but the central shower and rear toilet seemed strange. At first I thought why not put the shower at the back, but then access around the toilet to the shower would probably have been difficult. However upon reflection using the side screens of the shower I actually think it could work quite well. I’m not sure how many drains the shower has but hopefully its two to better suit un-level pitches.

Now I really like the Chausson Suite Maxi, but then again I would like to take my bike. Then again if you are not interested in cycling that bike locker takes up quite a bit of space so one of their other varients would make more sense.


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