Doubleback VW T5 Camper Video Review

Below is a video review from Practical Motorhome on the Doubleback VW T5 Camper. Now you would be forgiven for not knowing what a ‘Doubleback’ is because to be honest I didn’t know until I found this video. The base vehical is the popular T5 VW camper with the elevating roof, however this vechical has a new trick. When you open the back door you find a lot of storage space, so much you are thinking where is living space of the camper?

When the reviewer opens the sliding door you can see the kitchen units are pushed up right against the driver and passenger seats. However with the touch of a button electric motors push an internal shell out of the back of the camper for 2 meters. This means in total that the T5 camper becomes 7.2 meters long! Once fully extended two support legs then drop down to support the rear pod, and they also self level. The weight of the pod is only 130 kg, so during transit you can still load a lot of weight into the back of the T5 camper. Once fully extended and with the legs down it can support 600 kg. The tailgate can still be opened once extended which is a useful feature, especially when visiting scenic sites like ours you could look at the view while sitting in bed.

You get a typical two burner hob and sink with some storage space in the living space with seating and table. A key benefit of the Doubleback being its the only camper where you can go to bed and not have to rearrange the living space. The only downside (other that the increased price) of the Doubleback is that you can only take one passenger as standard, but they can also fit another passenger seat. However that is still one down on the four passengers the standard VW T5 can take, but there has to be some compromise for the benefits of the Doubleback.

Hopefully you enjoy the video, it was definitely a new idea I’ve not seen before, but it offers an interesting alternative to the standard camper.


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