Dunster House Stealth Concordia Tranquilty Video Review

Dunster House Stealth caravans are no longer available, but there are still second hand vans on the market so I feel this video review has some merit. The Stealth caravans were as even the manufacture stated ‘like marmite’ to many caravaners. When I first went to look at a Stealth caravan at the NEC to see no front window just a large piece of black gloss plastic I must admit I just didn’t get it. However before the firm closed they did start to bring in more conventional designs but still with some interesting ideas and the Concordia Tranquillity is an example of such a caravan.

This is a single axel 5 birth family caravan with a separate children’s room at the back of the caravan with a solid door and a central washroom. As you can tell from the interview in the video below with talk of ‘room for the games console’ and in the review the space for a ‘large flat screen’ in the front of the caravan, it appears to have been designed to try and hit a multimedia niche.

The lounge seats are quite nice, though I do think the light cream colour is a strange choice for a ‘family’ caravan. I’m not sure how much the cooler in the central cabinet would get used. However I do like the idea of being able to put the TV in the front of the lough area so everyone has a good view. Storage around the lounge appears good. The kitchen provides a good layout with good work top space, I also like the practical stainless steel sink.

The washroom is fitted to a high standard with a useable shower cubicle, practical sink and ceramic toilet for a more premium finish. I must admit I do also like the idea of the children’s area separated by a solid door. There are two bunk beds and the third lower bed provide a place to play.

Overall the design of the Stealth Concordia Tranquillity was impressive, while a price point of £19,000 is high for some this was a niche product with some interesting ideas. If you like the caravan you maybe able to pick up one second hand at a reasonable price. However as the manufacturer is no longer around and this is a niche van if something does go wrong you could have a problem.


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