Elddis Aspire 240 Caravan Video Review

Below is a video review from Practical Caravan on Elddis’s first attempt at a luxury motorhome, the Aspire 240. From the outside I do think this is a very good looking van, I do like the black panel graphics around the windows to give it a sleeker look. Its based on the Peugeot Box chassis and you do get alloy wheels. Having a reversing camera as standard as well is a good feature. Though it is disappointing that Elddis have decided to add the awning as a £900 option on the Aspire 240, especially as they have been previously known for value, that seems a bit steep.

The living space is a rear lounge layout, for sites such as ours where the view is the main attraction this layout works well to enjoy the views no matter the weather. The lap table appears to work well and the generally colour scheme and finish of the seats and lockers does give a premium feel. Now the Elddis Aspire 240 is a fairly long 2 berth but what that does give you is options when it comes to sleeping arrangements. You can set the lounge up with two long 6 foot plus single beds or a double.

As standard you get the 3.5 tonne chassis but due to the premium features of the van you are only left with a payload of 260 kg. Therefore for many people particularly if you are looking at taking a long trip, upgrading to the 4 tonne chassis maybe more practical. Storage under the seats is good, but I agree with the reviewer, really you also want access to at least some of that space from outside the Elddis Aspire 240.

The kitchen space is one of the best you will see in any large motorhome or caravan. The work space is excellent, storage is good and the tap on the sink is going to be very practical. Ideally for safety reasons I would like to see the microwave lower down, but its a small issue.

The washroom is to a very high quality as you would expect, it appears that there is a ceramic toilet but that’s not confirmed in the review and the heated towel rail gives that premium feel. The washbasin is quite special and one of the nicest I’ve seen in a motorhome of this price bracket. The separate shower cubicle is a decent size and its nice to see they are thinking about practicalities with a built in seat. The lack of two drain plugs is disappointing, it can be really helpful when not on a level pitch and again the cost to install would very minimal so its a strange absence.

The Elddis Aspire 240 is a good premium 2 berth, the lack of an awning for £50,000 is maybe something you could haggle on.


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