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We have something a bit different for today, a video guide from Practical Motorhome on electric bikes. Many caravanners and motorhome owners bring their bikes with them to site, but over the last few years electric bikes are been seen as a serious alternative. Electric bikes can aid those who really need it or just make trips easier and more enjoyable for others.

There are two types of electric bike, those that provide assistance and those that can power the bike completely off the electric motor. There are also bikes that provide a combination of the two. If you use the assisted mode the bike battery will obviously last longer than if you make it do all the work. The maximum power of the bikes to conform with EU laws is 250W and the fastest you can go is 15 MPH.

There are some important aspects of electric bikes you need to consider. One of the most important for caravans and motorhomes is weight if you are going to store the bike on board. But also as the video shows if you are going to load them on a car. Picking up a heavy electric bike onto a car roof rack may not end well for you or your car. A lot of the weight of the bike is in the battery so if you can remove if before trying to lift the bike.

In terms of battery’s you really want to find a bike with a lithium battery, they are more expensive but will last longer. Some of the bikes are folding which could be key consideration if you wish to store the bike in your motorhome garage for example. Some bikes have a claimed mileage of up to 50 miles, but its like a cars MPG figure, its a guide. Going up and down hills etc is going to reduce that figure down quite a bit.

In terms of price you can get a Chinese import for about £500 or end up spending £2,500 on some other bikes. The Chinese import bike maybe worth a look if you can find some good reviews. What might be a good idea is getting a battery upgrade as I would not expect that battery to last long unless its been sourced from a reputable brand.


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