Installing Site Facilities

We have now secured planning permission to install the site facilities so we have hired a digger and dumper to start the works.


Electrical Installation

The site will have its own dedicated electrical supply which means we can provide five 16 Amp connections for caravans/motorhomes and four 16 Amp connections for tents/campervans. This week we have been digging the trench to distribute the power cables around the site.

Water Installation

The site also has its own dedicated water supply. Each caravan/motorhome pitch has its own supply and two taps for the super service pitches. We have also installed a drinking water tap in the area for the tents and one for the CDP (Chemical Disposal Point).



We have installed a cesspool tank specifically for the site, we will install the CDP in the next few weeks.

Surface Water Drainage

The field is a 1.3 acre square, we have installed a French drain as a smaller square within the field to help to provide good surface water drainage. The drain also runs in front of the caravan/motorhome pitches so you can deposit wastewater directly into the drain.


Next week we will start work on the concrete entrance from the road and the installation of 12m of grasscrete so you can pull directly onto the site without having to open the gate.


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Chris - Site Manager

Hi, I’m Chris, I along with my father Robert operate and maintain the caravan/camping site. Any questions you have please send us and email or post a comment on the site.