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I think one of the most interesting motorhomes to be released recently is the Lunar Landstar RL. Most of you like my self will be familiar with Lunar in terms of a caravan manufacturer but in terms of the motorhome market this is only their second attempt at a van conversion. However I must say in my opinion its a very impressive offering at a very competitive price. Below are some video reviews by Practical Motorhome.

The base vehicle for the Lunar Landstar RL is the Mercedes Sprinter with a long wheel base and rear wheel drive. This already separates Lunar’s product away from the competition, particularly with the rear wheel drive which can have some real benefits for a motorhome, for instance reducing wheel slip. It makes it even more impressive that with a more expensive base vehicle the Lunar Landstar RL is still under £50,000. Now as stated in the review videos that’s still a lot of money to most of us but its more than cost competitive to the relative competition.

The Lunar Landstar RL has a rear longe layout, which for me and I believe many people think this is the best way to build a van conversion motorhome.  You get both options of either large singles or a double bed and a large seating area next to the rear doors. So for instance when you are visiting a campsite like ours with scenic views, on a nice day you can sit in the lounge with the doors wide open and just relax.

In terms of the kitchen you also get quite a lot of space and features. The fridge is a good size and there is a nice three burner hob. The sink is also a good practical size with a flashy mixer tap.

The bathroom is another area where the Landstar shines. In most van conversions due to limited space you have to put up with a combined shower, toilet area. In those circumstances the whole bathroom gets wet if you have a shower, and obviously no one can use the toilet while your having a shower if their desperate. With the Lunar however you get a separate shower due to the benefits of the long wheelbase of the Mercedes Sprinter base vehicle.

The final video below is of an on the road review by Rona Bromley at Which Motorhome. As Rona points out, little features like separate TV points show that Luna has put some real thought into how the owners will use the van. There is also a lot of storage, which should be sufficient for two people.

Hopefully you enjoy the videos and if you have any thoughts or opinions on the Lunar Landstar RL please post a comment below.


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