Murvi Pimento Video Review

Today its just a short video review from Practical Motorhome on the Murvi Pimento. This is a short panel van conversion but it does fit quite a bit into the space. As this is not a long wheel base version one of the benefits of the Murvi Pimento is you could park it in a standard car park space. Apparently Murvi stands for multi use recreational vehicle. But apparently they didn’t like Murv so added the additional letter.

There is a seating area behind the drivers seat with a built in television which does save space. The interior to the van is very blue, and from the description in the video I’m not sure you can get it in any other colour. At the back of the motorhome is quite a reasonable kitchen and food preparation area with a good amount of storage. For a van of this size the washroom does appear to be a good size, though obviously there is no separate shower.

So there it is, the main benefits going for the Murvi Pimento is its size, it manages to fit in a quite a nice living area for two people into a van that you could really take anywhere a standard car goes.

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