RS Elysian TS230 A Class Motorhome Video Review

Today we have a video review from Practical Motorhome on a large A Class van from RS called the Elysian TS230. This is a premium motorhome and looks more similar to something you would see in the US than the UK. The base for the vehicle is the Iveco 6.5 tonne chassis as standard, however if you want the slide outs as seen in the video you will need to go for the 7 tonne chassis. There are two slide outs, the first extends the lounge area and the second extends the bedroom.

As this is a premium van it has a few tricks up its sleeve as you would expect. It features an automatic levelling system using the air bag suspension, but you can also set it manually if you would prefer. You also get an on board generator so you can camp pretty much where you want, however I’m not sure what the fuel tank size of the vehicle is for how long it could run or if it runs on its own tank. The high gloss wood work is very similar to many of the US motorhomes and leather is as standard, but the colour choice is up to you.

In the RS Elysian TS230 there is a double bed will pulls down over the cab and you can view the flat screen TV which comes down from below the lockers. You can specify either a right hand or left hand vehicle to suit where you will be spending most of the your time driving. The kitchen area on the RS Elysian TS230 is not really as large as you would expect however its still more than functional. This particular owner has decided to sacrifice work top area for a rather large coffee machine. However the kitchen is put together well and the materials used is obviously a much higher standard than you can get in most motorhomes, partly of course because weight is not so much of an issue.

The RS Elysian TS230 also features a wet central heating system which is becoming more common on top end vans. The washroom is done in black granite effect tiles and therefore it does come across pretty dark. Also I’m not really a fan of the small bowl sink, it may appear stylish but its not very practical. The shower is stand alone and the washroom space can be separated from the rest of the van. However as the review states really you would also want a separate door on the toilet so it could also be used privately if someone was having a shower. Also the clear window in the toilet is a strange design choice. Another benefit of the wet central heating though is that you do get a heated towel rail.

As the rear bed slides out there is enough room to walk around the bed. You also get a large TV directly in front of the bed and I do like the amount of natural light you get over the bed. Storage is also good around the bed and underneath with gas struts to hold it up.

This is an A Class motorhome inspired by US RV’s, as such you may like it or you may not. At a price point of just under £160,000 there does appear to be a niche UK market for the RS Elysian TS230.


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