Swift Kon-Tiki 659 Motorhome Video Review

Todays we have a video review from Practical Motorhome on the Swift Kon-Tiki 659. So as you can see from the video this is a large motorhome, but this is not a van for lots of people just for two to tour in luxury.  Its based on the Fiat Ducato and has a second tag axel to support the back of the motorhome.

This video review is less of a complete review and more of an update on the improvements that were made to the Swift Kon-Tiki 659 in 2012. The most significant improvement was it started to use the modern Euro 5 engines. The motorhome in the video is the top of the range unit with a 180 BHP engine, but the standard 150 BHP was the most common. These more modern engines saw an improvement in MPG and C02 of 18%, which can make a significant cost difference on a long run.  However the engines also provided a 12% increase in acceleration performance. Therefore if you are looking to pick up a Swift Kon-Tiki 659 as a second hand buy its a good idea to get a 2012 or newer if you can.

A new feature on the 2012 version is the slide out external locker which I think is a great feature and the other locker gets the gas struts to hold it open while you access the locker. There are also improvements in the cab in terms of better plastics, a better radio with MP3 support and a TOM TOM docking port. There is also a rather nice leather steering wheel with radio controls.

In terms of the layout of the Swift Kon-Tiki 659 you get a reasonable lounge, a very nice kitchen with large work top and a fixed bed with rear washroom. Altogether this is a very nice premium motorhome for two and well worth a look for a second hand buy with the Euro 5 engines.


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