How To Tow A Caravan Video

There are quite a few videos around the web trying to provide some helpful information for new caravan owners. Below is one of the most watched and liked videos currently online.

It appears to be associated with promotion for the second generation Nissan X-Trail. As owners of the first generation X-Trail we can confirm it is a very good tow car, and the second generation improved on the tow capacity increasing it from 2 tonnes to 2.2 tonnes.

The first topic the video discusses is weight distribution of the caravan. A very important topic and can make a significant difference in terms of how the van feels during towing. The video suggests keeping heavy items like the awning in the middle of the van over the axel which is good advice, otherwise load them in the back of the car instead if possible. Nose weight is another important part of the weight distribution, the X-Trail in the video can take a nose weight of 100kg which is very good for its class. Ideally get a specific tool to check the nose weight or a piece of wood and some bathroom scales can also be used.

I do agree that until you have done the process of hitching and unhitching so many times you can do it in your sleep a check list comes in handy. One common thing to forget is to raise the jockey wheel fully or not to secure it probably in the raised position. If the jockey wheel drops down during transit you should be able to hear it, and hopefully can get to it before it takes any significant damage.

Breaking is another important change you need to make to your driving style when towing a caravan. Avoid late breaking and breaking in corners and generally try to drive as smoothly as possible to keep the van nice and stable.

Reversing the caravan is something that concerns most people, for instance if they were driving down a single track road and needed to reverse. There are quite a few good courses you can go on to improve your skills. In terms of moving the van on site, you can also get the motorised caravan movers. We do have one on our Bailey caravan and I can say that it makes moving the van into tight spaces and into exactly where you want it a much easier task. You do need to remember however it does use quite a bit of battery power so always keep the battery well charged and in good condition.

Hopefully you find the video useful, if you have any tips or hints you would like to share please comment below.


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