Wellhouse Hyundai i800 Camper Video Review

When looking for a camper the first product most people think of is the VW or maybe a Ford Transit. However over the last few years there is a new option aiming to provide the same standard of camper at a significantly lower price point and that’s the Hyundia i800 Camper. This is a video review from Practical Motorhome on the Wellhouse Leisure conversion and from first impressions its a very smart looking camper. Wellhouse and Hydundia appear to be working closely together with the focus to market the camper through the car dealerships.

In side the i800 there is a side kitchen directly behind the driver seat and then a rear bench. Now the rear bench can technically seat 3, however due to the narrow width thats 3 small children or 2 adults. There is a drop down table for the front passenger seat and a removable table for the rear bench. In terms of the kitchen the single piece stainless steel 2 burner hob and sink looks to be of a good quality with glass lids. You also get a combined over and grill and a 47 litre fridge/freezer. There is some storage within the camper but its obviously limited. The lower storage compartment houses a portable chemical toilet.

The roof bed in the Hyundia i800 camper is optional, the review also states it could be a 5 birth with a hammock however we never actually get to see it. I presume its a children’s hammock over the passenger/driver seats. The rear double bed appears easy to setup and sturdy. The gas locker is at the back of the camper and easy to access. There is quite a lot of storage at the back of the camper, however I also agree with the reviewer that it would be better if the table could be fixed for transit.

The i800 has a 2.5 liter diesel with 168 BHP and lots of toque so you will not be wanting for power, but it probably doesn’t compete with the VW or Ford Transit on MPG. All in all this is a very impressive offering from Wellhouse and for a price point of £35,000 you are talking about a £10,000 to £15,000 saving compared to their competitors which is considerable.


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