Airstream SII 684 Caravan Video Review

Below is a video review from Practical Caravan on the Airstream Series 2 684 double axel caravan. Airstreams are no doubt a premium caravan, in fact many people believe they are ‘the’ premium caravan. The build quality reputation of these trailers has been solid for many, many years, and while expensive it does show in the craftsmanship and the materials used. Airstream products are designed in the EU for the European market, they are then manufactured in the United States and then shipped over here, so this shipping is part of the reason for the high price of the caravans.

The look of this particular Airsteam series 2 684 is quite contemporary, with white work tops and lots of glossy finishes. They do look very good while clean, however finger marks are going to be a problem. In terms of the washroom, your not going to find anything quite like it in any other caravan. The walls are green and again there is a very stylish stainless steel hand basin. I’m not aware of many other caravans that offer a heated tower rail, or a shower that can fit a person of 6 foot, 3 inches. There is a large fixed double bed at the front of the trailer with lots of storage units.

In terms of price for a premium caravan such as this you are looking in the £50,000 plus bracket, but you do get a quality product for that money that will hold value well and have a long life. However you will need either a Land Rover Discovery, Range Rover or similar to tow this caravan.

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