Bailey Retreat Willow Caravan Video Review

Now here is something a little bit different, on first impressions this may just look like a large Bailey twin axel caravan, however its not. This is the Bailey Retreat Willow and its massive! Its a project that Bailey have started to offer something between a touring caravan and a static caravan. This means its not as mobile as a conventional tourer but you can move it from different locations a lot easier than it is to move a static.

The Bailey Retreat Willow is designed for seasonal pitches, however unfortunately this means these vans cannot stay on certified sites such as ours as we have to comply with a 28 day rule for guests. In terms of size this van is 2.5 meters wide which makes it quite a bit wider than any tourer, and at 8 meters long it needs to be towed by a suitable vehicle. A standard car cannot legally tow an outfit over 7 meters long.

There is obviously going to be a lot of space within this caravan, for example with room for 6 around the front lounge with lots of over head storage. Seeing a breakfast bar in a Bailey caravan is a bit strange sight but there is so much space it makes sense. The kitchen is aiming for domestic standards and you can see that heavier high grade materials have been used as weight it not a concern with this caravan. That caries over to the ceramic toilet and washroom fittings. The toilet is based on one side of the isle and the shower on the other with a divider for privacy.

Finally there is a fixed island bed at the back of the Bailey Retreat Willow with lots of space to get around the bed. Part of the reason for this design of caravan is due to Bailey’s over seas sales to Australia where as a manufacturer you better go big or go home. In terms of the demand for this van for the UK market its going to be interest to see if a market of any reasonable size exists or is it just a very small niche. Hopefully owners pay attention to the current DVLA laws and don’t start towing the Bailey Retreat as if it was a normal tourer and getting points or even loosing their licence!


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