Camping At Horton Common

As the site is located in the Green Belt and it’s also a designated Special Landscape Area we are unable to offer a building for toilet/shower facilities due to planning restrictions.

Therefore I’ve provided some information below for people who wish to come and camp with us. Please note we do not charge extra for small toilet/shower tents.

We do provide the option of a 16A electrical connection for tents, which could be used to power small pumps for showers etc.

Camping Toilets

This a particularly small and compact toilet available from World of Camping:

Here is a more in depth video from Jacksons Leisure about portable toilets:

Toilet Tent

Here is another video from World of Camping for their toilet tent. Similar tents can also be used for showers.

Camping Showers

Here are two videos that should give you some ideas of how to setup a camping shower:


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