Niesmann Bischoff Arto A Class Motorhome Video Review

The video review from Practical Motorhome today is of the Niesmann Bischoff motorhome. With this motorhome being an A Class the whole cab and living space is one build. This not only provides more useable living space it also means you have better cab visibility. This is a premium product with a premium price tag between 77,000-100,000 Euros. Another cost to this motorhome you need to be aware of is the weight of 4,500 kg. This means you do need a category C1 driving licence.

In terms of layout and features you have an island bed at the rear of the Niesmann Bischoffmotorhome which means you have access from both sides which obviously has its benefits but does take up quite a bit of space. The washroom is impressive with a domestic sized shower, and the kitchen is also impressive with a huge corner sink. Then there is a large front lounge with round central table. This version of the motorhome being of top end spec has leather, but that’s not a standard feature on the lower spec versions.

All in all its a quality large premium A class motorhome that comes with a premium price.


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