Starting To Setup The Site

So it’s the start of 2014, back at the end of 2013 we received our letter from the Caravan and Camping Club stating that they would issue us with a certificate once the required works (CDP, fresh water supply etc) were installed. We have to get planning permission to install the cesspool tank and install some other features so we are waiting on that to start the work.

The other thing we are waiting on is for the field to dry out so we can get the digger on the field without breaking up the surface too much. This winter in some regions has been the wettest on record, and while on the ridge of a hill we are not susceptible to flooding we are also looking to improve the drainage of the field.


What this is a good time for though is putting in a willow hedge. From our location we get excellent views of the Staffordshire Moorlands, the town of Leek and the Peak District National Park, however it’s a bit exposed. Therefore to provide some protection I have started to put in a willow hedge, three rows deep. Once complete I will have put in roughly 1800 willow wands! The hedge will run for roughly 130m providing some protection from the prevailing winds, increase site privacy and reduce noise from the road.


The picture at the top of this post is of the direction the caravans/motorhomes will face, it’s a bit overcast/foggy today but I will be putting up some much better pictures in the future.


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