New Caravan & Motorhome Database (UK Specific)

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If you’re in the market for a new caravan or motorhome, it can be tricky to narrow down your search while making sure you have reviewed all available options. Well, I hope my new databases below will make your search a lot easier and quicker. I’ve provided one database on all the new caravans currently available in the UK (over 250 models). I’ve also provided a second database on all the motorhomes currently available (over 450 models). Enjoy!

Caravan & Motorhome Database

Disclaimer: Hey! By the way… any links on this page that lead to products on Amazon or Caravan Guard are affiliate links, and I earn a commission if you make a purchase, with no additional cost to you 🙂

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Introduction To The Caravan & Motorhome Databases

My databases below will not tell you everything you may want to know about a specific caravan or motorhome. However, each model has a link in the database to the specific page on the manufacturer’s website.

The key purpose of this database is to provide you with a quick and efficient means of narrowing down your selection of models following your key criteria of, price, berths, MTPLM etc.

I hope you find them useful. If you do, if you could share this post on social media, that would be great. Cheers 🙂

New Caravan Database

Below you can browse and compare any new caravan available in the UK today. If you are not sure what the database criteria mean, click here to learn more.

With the custom search functionality, you can narrow down the selection (learn more here).

The database below includes all small caravans, including teardrop caravans all the way up to large 8-foot wide caravans and twin axle caravans.

There is some price information data that I’m still waiting on that I will be updating the database with. I will do my best to keep the price data up to date.

Note: If you tap/click the small green cross, more details are provided on a specific model. Along with a link to the manufacturer’s website for more details.

Make/Model:Price (£):Berth:MTPLM (kg):Width (ft):Length (ft):Axle/Type:End Washroom?:Fixed Bed?:Make:More Details:
Fyne Boat Kits Teardrop Camper Kit3,55027506.08Single Axle/TeardropNo WashroomYesFyne Boat
SL Industries Pod-e4,30027506.312Single Axle/TeardropNo WashroomYesSL
SL Industries Pod-e Cub4,70027505.511Single Axle/TeardropNo WashroomYesSL
West Midlands Trailers Sleeper5,40027505.611Single Axle/TeardropNo WashroomYesWest Midlands
Diddyvan Teardrop Trailer6,80027505.611Single Axle/TeardropNo
SL Industries Pod-e Eyas7,00027506.312Single Axle/TeardropNo WashroomYesSL
West Midlands Trailers Glampa Campa9,50027505.611Single Axle/TeardropNo WashroomYesWest Midlands
Henki Pod Pure10,50027505.410Single Axle/TeardropNo WashroomYesHenki
Caretta 1500 Teardrop11,53927506.512Single Axle/TeardropNo
Hobby Beachy 36012,51339006.516Single AxleNo WashroomNoHobby/
West Midlands Trailers Grand Tourok12,99527505.711Single Axle/TeardropNo WashroomYesWest Midlands
Hobby Beachy 42013,70739506.518Single AxleNo WashroomNoHobby/
Freedom Microlite Sport13,99538506.413Single AxleNo WashroomNoFreedom
Hobby Beachy 45014,59641,0006.519Single AxleNo WashroomNoHobby/
Freedom Microlite Discovery15,29528506.413Single AxleNoNoFreedom
T@B 320 Basic15,79027506.516Single Axle/TeardropNo
Freedom Sunseeker Classic15,79538506.814Single AxleNo WashroomNoFreedom
Lion Caravans Cub15,99527506.514Single Axle/TeardropNo WashroomYesLion
Caretta 1500 Off Road16,19927506.814Single Axle/TeardropNo
Mink Camper19,99927506.813Single Axle/TeardropNo WashroomYesMink
Henki Pod Impulse16,50027505.410Single Axle/TeardropNo WashroomYesHenki
Trigano Silver Mini Freestyle 27016,99521,2006.612Single AxleNo
Go Pods16,99627506.513Single AxleNo WashroomNoGo
Vagabond Teardrop18,00027507.213Single Axle/TeardropNo
Trigano Silver Mini Freestyle 29018,99521,2006.614Single
Freedom Jetstream Twin Sport19,29528506.814Single AxleNoNoFreedom
Freedom Jetstream First Class19,29528506.814Single AxleNoNoFreedom
Xplore 30419,29941,0437.218Single
Trigano Silver Trend 35019,99521,0005.916Single
Henki Pod Nomad19,99527505.410Single Axle/TeardropNo WashroomYesHenki
Bailey Discovery D4-219,99929987.518Single
Freedom Carpento 31020,19527506.313Single AxleNoNoFreedom
T@B 320 Offroad20,45427506.516Single Axle/TeardropNo
Xplore 42220,59921,0997.219Single
Swift Sprite Compact20,69521,0946.617Single
Hero Ranger Amundsen21,03021,2007.215Single Axle/TeardropNo WashroomYesHero
Freedom Carpento 36021,39547506.315Single AxleNoNoFreedom
Bailey Discovery D4-4L21,49941,0837.519Single
Bailey Discovery D4-421,49941,2477.524Single
Hero Traveller21,96921,2007.215Single Axle/TeardropNo WashroomYesHero
Trigano Silver Trend 38021,99531,3006.417Single
Swift Sprite Alpine 222,29521,2187.520Single
Swift Sprite Alpine 422,49541,2847.521Single
Freedom Carpento 41022,59561,0006.717Single AxleNoNoFreedom
Eriba Touring 31022,74039006.516Single AxleNo
Trigano Silver Trend 44222,99531,3006.419Single
Bailey Phoenix GT75 42022,99921,1427.318Single
Xplore 55423,14941,3257.224Single
Hero Ranger Livingstone23,42421,2007.215Single Axle/TeardropNo WashroomYesHero
Eriba Nova Light 42523,59031,200720Single
Xplore 58523,74951,4007.224Single
KNAUS SPORT 400 LK23,82041,3007.620Single
Swift Basecamp 223,99521,0437.517Single
Hobby Ontour 390 SF23,99541,2007.218Single
KNAUS SPORT 420 QD24,09031,3007.621Single
Eriba Nova Light 46524,45031,2007.420Single
Bailey Phoenix GT75 44024,49941,3707.322Single
Eriba Nova Light 44224,71031,3007.222Single
Adria Action 361 LT24,76021,300717Single
T@B 400 L24,76031,2007.319Single Axle/TeardropNo
Adria Action 391 LT24,76041,300719Single
Eriba Touring 43024,88031,1006.518Single
Swift Sprite Major 4 SB24,99541,4427.524Single
Swift Sprite Major 4 EB24,99541,4767.524Single AxleNoYesSwift
Swift Sprite Major 6 TD24,99561,5287.524Single
Bailey Phoenix GT75 64424,99941,4267.324Single
Bailey Phoenix GT75 64024,99941,4367.324Single
Bailey Phoenix GT75 64224,99941,4337.325Single
Hero Ranger Columbus25,36521,2007.215Single Axle/TeardropNo WashroomYesHero
Swift Basecamp 325,49531,1467.518Single
Swift Basecamp 425,49541,1867.518Single
KNAUS SPORT 450 FU25,61041,5007.622Single
Eriba Touring 53025,74031,3006.520Single
Hobby De Luxe 400 SFe25,99531,3007.519Single
Hobby De Luxe 440 SF25,99531,3007.520Single
Compass Casita 45426,54921,3107.522Single
Elddis Avante 45426,54921,3107.522Single
Hobby Ontour 460 DL26,59531,3007.221Single
Hobby De Luxe 460 LU26,59541,3507.521Single
Swift Sprite Grande Major 4 SB26,89541,507825Single
Hobby De Luxe 460 UFe26,99541,3507.520Single
Hobby De Luxe 455 UF26,99541,3507.521Single
Hobby Ontour 470 KMF26,99551,3507.222Single
Swift Sprite Quattro EW26,99561,6107.526Twin
Swift Sprite Quattro FB26,99561,6307.526Twin
Compass Casita 55027,34941,4127.524Single
Elddis Avante 55027,34941,4127.524Single
Compass Casita 55427,34941,4137.524Single
Elddis Avante 55427,34941,4137.524Single
Swift Challenger 48027,39521,4057.522Single
Bailey Phoenix GT75 76227,49961,6367.326Twin
KNAUS SPORT&FUN 480 QL27,54041,3007.620Single
KNAUS SPORT 500 EU27,66041,5007.624Single
Compass Casita 58527,84951,4857.524Single
Elddis Avante 58527,84951,4857.524Single
Hobby Excellent Edition 460 UFe27,99541,3507.521Single
Hobby De Luxe 460 SFf27,99531,3507.522Single
Hobby Excellent 460 SL27,99531,5007.522Single
Bailey Pegasus Grande SE Brindisi28,39941,539824Single
Bailey Pegasus Grande SE Rimmi28,39941,556824Single
Hobby De Luxe 540 UL28,59541,5007.523Single
Swift Challenger 480 SE28,79521,4357.522Single
Hobby Excellent Edition 490 KMF28,95551,4007.522Single
KNAUS SPORT 500 KD28,97061,5007.624Single
Adria Altea 622 DK Avon29,08061,8007.527Single
Adria Altea 612 DL Tyne29,20041,8007.527Single
Compass Capiro 52029,34921,3457.522Single
Elddis Affinity 52029,34921,3457.522Single
Bailey Pegasus Grande SE Ancona29,39951,600824Single
KNAUS SPORT 500 UF29,43041,5007.624Single
Hobby Prestige 560 WLU29,51941,600824Single
Bailey Unicorn Seville29,59921,4157.521Single
Swift Challenger 58029,89541,5257.525Single
Swift Challenger 56029,89541,5437.525Single
Hobby Excellent Edition 495 UL29,99541,5007.523Single
Swift Sprite Grande Quattro FB29,99561,704826Twin
Swift Sprite Grande Quattro DB29,99561,710826Twin
Hobby Excellent Edition 540 UL30,59541,5007.523Single
Hobby Excellent Edition 540 UFf30,59541,5007.524Single
Bailey Unicorn Madrid30,69941,5007.522Single
KNAUS SPORT 540 UE30,72041,7007.625Single
Compass Capiro 57430,74941,4677.523Single
Compass Capiro 55030,74941,4637.524Single
Elddis Affinity 55030,74941,4637.524Single
Elddis Affinity 57430,74941,4677.524Single
Compass Capiro 55430,74941,4707.524Single
Elddis Affinity 55430,74941,4707.524Single
Coachman Acadia 57530,85041,5607.524Single
Coachman Acadia 54530,85041,5857.524Single
Hobby De Luxe 490 KMF30,99551,4007.522Single
Hobby Excellent 560 CFe30,99541,600824Single
Hobby De Luxe 540 KMFe30,99551,6007.524Single
Hobby De Luxe 560 KMFe30,99551,700824Single
Hobby Excellent Edition 650 KMFe30,99551,900827Twin
Bailey Pegasus Grande SE Bologna30,99941,656826Twin
Bailey Pegasus Grande SE Messina30,99941,698826Twin
Bailey Pegasus Grande SE Palermo30,99961,715826Twin
Bailey Pegasus Grande SE Turin30,99961,724826Twin
Swift Challenger 580 SE31,29541,5857.525Single
Swift Challenger 560 SE31,29541,6037.525Single
Hobby Excellent Edition 650 UMFe31,39551,900827Twin
Bailey Unicorn Cabrera31,39941,6007.524Single
Bailey Unicorn Vigo31,39941,6007.524Single
Bailey Unicorn Cadiz31,39941,6007.524Single
Compass Casita 86031,54941,686826Twin
Elddis Avante 86031,54941,686826Twin
Compass Casita 86831,84961,725826Twin AxleNo
Compass Casita 84031,84961,725826Twin
Elddis Avante 86831,84961,725826Twin
Elddis Avante 84031,84961,725826Twin
Hobby Excellent 495 WFB31,99541,5007.523Single
Hobby De Luxe 545 KMF31,99551,600824Single
Airstream Bambi 19CB32,00042,272819Single
Swift Challenger 65032,29541,7107.526Twin
KNAUS SPORT 580 QS32,47061,700826Single
Swift Conqueror 48032,49521,4777.522Single
Hobby Prestige 650 KFU32,49561,900827Twin
Hobby Prestige 540 UL32,59541,5007.523Single
Hobby Excellent Edition 540 WLU32,59541,5007.523Single
Hobby Excellent 540 WFU32,59541,5007.523Single
Hobby De Luxe 515 UHL32,59561,6007.524Single
Hobby De Luxe 515 UHK32,59571,6007.524Single
Hobby Prestige 650 UFf32,59541,900827Twin
Hobby Prestige 560 UL32,99541,600824Single,uk
Hobby Prestige 560 FC32,99541,600824Single
Swift Challenger Grande 58032,99541,621825Single
Swift Challenger Grande 560L32,99541,665825Single
Hobby Maxia 660 WQM32,99942,000827Twin
Barefoot Caravans33,00021,1006.216Single
Airstream Bambi 20FB33,00042,275821Single
Coachman VIP 46033,09021,4447.721Single
Hobby Excellent Edition 545 KMF33,59551,600824Single
Hobby Excellent 560 WFU33,99541,600824Single
Hobby Prestige 560 WFU33,99541,600824Single
Hobby Excellent Edition 560 KMFe33,99551,700824Single
Swift Challenger 650 SE33,99541,7407.526Twin
Bailey Unicorn Cartagena33,99941,7257.525Twin
Bailey Unicorn Pamplona33,99941,7557.525Twin
Adria Adora 612 DL Seine34,03051,900827Single
Adria Adora 623 DT Isonzo34,27541,900827Single
Swift Challenger Grande 580 SE34,39541,661825Single
Swift Challenger Grande 560SL SE34,39541,705825Single
Adria Adora 623 DP Tiber34,76041,900827Single
Hobby Maxia 495 UL34,99541,5007.523Single
Swift Challenger Grande 650L34,99541,765826Twin
Swift Challenger Grande 63534,99541,773826Twin
Swift Challenger Grande 67034,99561,790826Twin
Hobby Prestige 660 WFC34,99541,900827Twin
Hobby Prestige 720 UKFe34,99572,200829Twin
Airstream Bambi 22FB35,00042,275822Single
Coachman VIP 52035,17531,5247.723Single
Coachman Acadia 630 XTRA35,45051,780826Twin
Coachman Acadia 660 XTRA35,45051,785826Twin
Compass Camino 55035,74941,640825Single
Elddis Crusader Aurora35,74941,640825Single
Compass Camino 55435,74941,650825Single
Elddis Crusader Mistral35,74941,650825Single
Coachman VIP 57535,79041,6427.724Single
Coachman VIP 56535,79041,6527.724Single
KNAUS DESEO 400 TR35,87041,5007.519Twin
Swift Conqueror 58035,89541,6867.525Single
Swift Conqueror 56035,98541,7147.525Single
Hobby Prestige 620 CL35,99541,900826Twin
Airstream Basecamp 1636,00021,590716Single
Hobby Prestige 720 WQC36,59542,200829Twin
Swift Challenger Grande 650L SE36,69541,805826Twin
Swift Challenger Grande 635 SE36,69541,813826Twin
Swift Challenger Grande 670 SE36,69561,820826Twin
Bailey Alicanto Grande Lisbon36,69941,700824Single
Coachman VIP 540 XTRA36,70041,700824Single
Bessacarr 49536,97521,5777.522Single
Hobby Maxia 585 UL37,99541,700825Single
Hobby Prestige 720 KWFU38,49562,200829Twin
Bailey Alicanto Grande Porto38,49941,847825Twin
Bailey Alicanto Grande Evora38,49941,855825Twin
Coachman VIP 67538,64541,8107.726Twin
KNAUS NORTH STAR SELECTION 580 UK38,82041,800825Single
Coachman Laser 575 XTRA39,18041,734824Single
Coachman Laser 545 XTRA39,18041,734824Single
KNAUS AZUR 460 EU39,24041,7007.523Single
Bessacarr 58039,49541,8007.525Single
Bessacarr 56039,49541,8007.525Single
KNAUS NORTH STAR SELECTION 590 UK40,13082,000826Twin
Elddis Crusader Zephyr40,14941,880827Twin
KNAUS NORTH STAR SELECTION 590 UE40,29051,800826Single
Compass Camino 66840,64961,800827Twin
Elddis Crusader Tempest40,64961,830827Twin
Compass Camino 65040,64941,830827Twin AxleNo
Elddis Crusader Borealis40,64941,890827Twin
Coachman Laser 66540,70541,8287.726Twin
KNAUS AZUR 500 EU41,09041,8007.524Single
KNAUS AZUR 500 FU41,17041,8007.524Single
Coachman Laser 620 XTRA41,36531,875826Twin
Adria Alpina Mississippi42,52542,000827Single
KNAUS AZUR 540 UE43,22031,9007.525Single
Adria Alpina Rio Grande43,64542,000827Single
Airstream Basecamp 2044,00041,9547.520Single
Adria Alpina Colorado44,30542,000827Single
Swift Elegance Grande 84545,79542,051826Twin
Swift Elegance Grande 85045,79542,067826Twin
Swift Elegance Grande 83545,79542,067826Twin AxleNoYesSwift
Coachman Laser XCEL 87546,09541,885826Twin
Coachman Laser XCEL 85046,09541,910826Twin
Coachman Laser XCEL 84546,09541,910826Twin
Buccaneer Cruiser46,34941,925827Twin
Buccaneer Commodore46,34941,970827Twin
Coachman Lusso I46,83041,828824Single
Buccaneer Bermuda46,94941,990827Twin
Buccaneer Barracuda46,94941,990827Twin
Coachman Laser XCEL 85547,08541,950826Twin
Buccaneer Aruba47,44961,983827Twin
Airstream Bambi 16RB48,00041,590816Single
Vanmaster V45049,99521,5007.520Single
Bessacarr 85049,99542,250826Twin
Bessacarr 84549,99542,250826Twin
Bessacarr 83549,99542,250826Twin
Coachman Lusso II50,84041,960826Twin
Vanmaster V48052,50021,7007.521Single
Vanmaster V52053,50021,8007.522Single
Vanmaster V58055,75041,8007.524Single
Vanmaster V64062,75042,2007.526Twin
Fifth Wheel INOS80,00042,8007.623Twin AxleYesYesFifth Wheel
Eriba Touring 82082,54042,500828Twin
Airstream Tourer 53485,00041,830822Single
Airstream Tourer 68498,50042,400827Twin
Airstream Tourer 25IB98,50042,750827Twin
Fifth Wheel Co Dreamseeker114,00054,3007.625Twin Axle/Fifth WheelNoYesFifth Wheel
Fifth Wheel Co Celtic Rambler 160,00044,3007.627Twin Axle/Fifth WheelNoYesFifth Wheel

New Motorhome Database

Below you can browse and compare any new motorhome available in the UK today. If you are not sure what the database criteria mean, click here to learn more.

With the custom search functionality, you can narrow down the selection (learn more here).

The database includes every small motorhome all the way up to large/premium A Class motorhomes. Please note, it does not include campervans, so check out my linked article for more details on those.

There is some price information data that I’m still waiting on that I will be updating the database with. I will do my best to keep the price data up to date.

Note: If you tap/click the small green cross, more details are provided on a specific model. Along with a link to the manufacturer’s website for more details.

Make/Model:Price (£):Berth:Type:Separate Shower?:Fixed Bed?:MTPLM (kg):Length (m):Width (m):Height (m):Base Vehicle?:Fuel Type?:Make:More Details:
Auto-Trail Expedition 6649,0102Panel VanNoNo3,5005.992.272.68Fiat
Auto-Trail Adventure 6549,0104Panel VanNoNo3,5006.362.272.68Fiat
Laika Kosmo 5.451,5405Panel VanNoYes3,5005.412.052.70Fiat
Auto-Trail Expedition 6751,6284Panel VanNoNo3,5005.992.272.68Fiat
Laika Kosmo 6.052,5405Panel VanNoYes3,5005.992.052.70Fiat
Compass Avantgarde CV8052,5994Panel VanNoNo3,5005.992.052.76Fiat
Carado V132 Pro53,5903Low ProfileNoYes3,5005.942.142.74Fiat
Laika Kosmo 6.454,1405Panel VanNoYes3,5006.362.052.70Fiat
Chausson V59454,9952Panel VanNoNo3,5005.992.052.65Fiat
Chausson C51455,5904OvercabNoYes3,5005.992.103.10Ford
Carado V337 Pro55,6902Low ProfileNoYes3,5006.642.142.74Fiat
Carado V339 Pro55,9902Low ProfileNoYes3,5006.852.142.74Fiat
Chausson S51456,9903Low ProfileNoYes3,5005.992.102.75Ford
Elddis Autoquest CV6056,9952Panel Van NoNo3,5005.992.052.67Fiat
Carado CV600 Pro57,1905Panel VanNoYes3,5005.992.052.73Fiat
Auto-Trail V-Line 660 S57,4282Panel VanNoNo3,5005.992.272.68Fiat
Laika Ecovip 54058,1404Panel VanNoYes3,5005.412.052.70Fiat
Carado CV601 Pro58,1905Panel VanNoYes3,5005.992.052.73Fiat
Roller Team Toleno L58,2162Panel VanNoNo3,5005.992.272.68Fiat DucatoDieselRoller
Carado T13558,2902Low ProfileNoYes3,5005.942.322.90Fiat
Carado A132 Pro58,5004OvercabNoYes3,5005.942.323.14Fiat
Auto-Trail F-Line F6258,6284Low ProfileYesNo3,5005.992.352.88Ford
Auto-Trail Expedition C6358,6464OvercabYesYes3,5006.342.353.16Fiat
Laika Ecovip 60059,1404Panel VanNoYes3,5005.992.052.70Fiat
Carado CV640 Pro59,1905Panel VanNoYes3,5006.362.052.73Fiat
Roller Team Toleno R59,2744Panel VanNoYes3,5005.992.272.68Fiat DucatoDieselRoller
Chausson S697GA59,3903Low ProfileNoYes3,5006.592.102.75Ford
Auto-Trail F-Line F6859,5522Low ProfileYesNo3,5006.802.352.88Ford
Auto-Trail Expedition 6859,9084Panel VanNoYes3,5006.362.272.68Fiat
Carado CV540 Pro59,9905Panel VanNoYes3,5005.412.052.73Fiat
Elddis Autoquest CV4059,9953Panel VanNoNo3,5005.992.052.67Fiat
Elddis Autoquest CV2059,9952Panel VanNoNo3,5005.992.052.67Fiat
Roller Team Toleno S60,6242Panel VanNoNo3,5006.362.272.68Fiat DucatoDieselRoller
Auto-Trail V-Line 540 SE60,7202Panel VanNoNo3,5005.412.272.68Fiat
Hymer Free 54060,8204Panel VanNoYes3,5005.412.082.60Fiat
Auto-Trail Expedition C7160,8214OvercabYesYes3,5007.252.353.16Fiat
Carado T33860,9904Low ProfileNoYes3,5006.952.322.90Fiat
Laika Ecovip 64561,2402Panel VanNoNo3,5006.362.052.70Fiat
Auto-Trail V-Line 670 S61,7502Panel VanNoNo3,5005.992.272.68Fiat
Auto-Trail V-Line 669 S61,7504Panel VanNoNo3,5005.992.272.68Fiat
Auto-Trail Expedition C7361,7526OvercabYesYes3,5007.252.353.16Fiat
Auto-Trail Expedition C7261,7526OvercabYesYes3,5007.252.353.16Fiat
Carado A361 Pro62,0906OvercabYesYes3,5006.602.323.14Fiat
Hymer Free 60262,1004Panel VanNoYes3,5005.992.082.60Fiat
Hymer Free 60262,1004Panel VanNoYes3,5005.992.082.60Fiat
Hymer Free 60062,1004Panel VanNoYes3,5005.992.082.60Fiat
Carado T44862,4905Low ProfileNoYes3,5007.292.322.90Fiat
Carado T44762,4905Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.392.322.90Fiat
Carado T45962,7905Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.392.322.90Fiat
Compass Avantgarde 11562,8892Low ProfileNoNo3,
Elddis Autoquest 11562,8892Low ProfileNoNo3,
Auto-Trail F-Line F6062,9954Low ProfileYesNo3,5005.992.352.88Fiat
Swift Select 12263,1902Panel VanNoNo3,5006.002.262.72Fiat
Westfalia Amundsen 600D63,380
4Panel VanNoYes3,5005.412.052.60Fiat
Roller Team Zefiro 67563,4236OvercabYesYes3,5006.992.353.20Ford TransitDieselRoller
Roller Team Zefiro 66563,4244Low ProfileYesYes3,5006.412.352.95Ford TransitDieselRoller
Hymer Free S 60063,8604Panel VanNoYes3,5005.932.062.78Mercedes
Swift Compact C20563,8902Low ProfileNoYes3,3005.992.262.78Fiat
Roller Team Zefiro 69663,9575Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.452.352.95Ford TransitDieselRoller
Laika Kosmo 20964,2404Low ProfileNoYes3,5006.952.332.94Fiat
Buerstner Limited T 66064,6905Low ProfileNoYes3,5006.952.322.95Fiat
Buerstner Limited T 690 G64,6904Low ProfileNoYes3,5006.982.322.95Fiat
Carado A464 Pro64,7906OvercabYesYes3,5007.242.323.14Fiat
Roller Team Zefiro 68565,1305Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.452.352.95Ford TransitDieselRoller
Swift Compact C50265,1902Low ProfileNoNo3,3006.652.262.78Fiat
Swift Compact C50065,1902Low ProfileNoNo3,3006.652.262.78Fiat
Swift Select 14465,2903Panel VanNoNo3,5006.002.262.72Fiat
Auto-Trail F-Line F7265,6424Low ProfileYesNo3,5007.322.352.88Ford
Elddis Accordo 12065,6892Low ProfileNoNo3,
Elddis Accordo 10565,6892Low ProfileYesNo3,
Compass Navigator 12065,6892Low ProfileNoNo3,
Compass Navigator 10565,6892Low ProfileYesNo3,
Laika Komso 50965,7405Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.412.332.94Fiat
Laika Kosmo 509 L65,7405Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.412.332.94Fiat
Roller Team Zefiro Sport65,8764OvercabYesYes3,5007.452.353.20Ford TransitDieselRoller
Dethleffs JustGo T 6615 EB66,0004Low ProfileNoYes3,5006.692.332.99Ford
Chausson V69766,2702Panel VanNoNo3,5006.362.052.65Fiat
Buerstner Limited T 726 G66,2905Low ProfileNoYes3,5007.422.322.95Fiat
Laika Kosmo 512 66,3405Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.412.332.94Fiat
Hymer Ayers Rock66,4604Panel VanNoYes3,5005.412.082.60Fiat
Swift Voyager 54066,5954Low ProfileYesNo3,5007.012.372.86Ford
Auto-Trail V-Line 610 SE66,6992Panel VanNoNo3,5005.992.272.68Fiat
Swift Compact C40466,7904Low ProfileNoNo3,3005.992.262.78Fiat
Dethleffs JustGo T 6815 EB66,8005Low ProfileNoYes3,5006.992.332.99Ford
Swift Voyager 56466,9954Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.222.372.86Ford
Elddis Accordo 13567,0893Low ProfileNoNo3,
Swift Select 16467,2903Panel VanNoYes3,5006.362.262.72Fiat
Swift Select 18467,2904Panel VanNoNo3,5006.362.262.72Fiat
Chausson X55067,3304Panel VanNoNo3,5005.992.052.75Fiat
Auto-Trail V-Line 610 Sport67,4412Panel VanNoNo3,5005.992.272.68Fiat
Swift Voyager 58467,4954Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.852.372.86Ford
Dethleffs JustGo T 690567,7005Low ProfileNoYes3,5006.992.332.99Ford
Laika Kosmo Emblema 209 E67,7404Low ProfileNoYes3,5006.952.332.94Fiat
Hymer Yosemite67,7504Panel VanNoYes3,5005.992.082.60Fiat
Hymer Grand Canyon67,7504Panel VanNoYes3,5005.992.082.60Fiat
Swift Voyager 59467,9954Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.852.372.86Ford
Westfalia Amundsen 540D68,3394Panel VanNoYes3,5005.412.052.60Fiat
Hymer Yellowstone68,5304Panel VanNoYes3,5005.992.082.60Fiat
Jerba VW Crafter Sonas68,9504Panel VanNoYes3,5005.982.042.59VW
Elddis Autoquest CV8068,9894Panel VanNoNo3,5005.992.052.76Fiat
Auto-Trail Imala 61569,0984OvercabYesNo3,5006.342.353.03Fiat
Laika Kosmo Emblema 509 LE69,2405Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.412.332.94Fiat
Laika Kosmo Emblema 509 E69,2405Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.412.332.94Fiat
Swift Edge 46469,4904Low ProfileNoYes3,5006.752.392.98Fiat
Laika Kosmo Emblema 512 E69,9405Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.412.332.94Fiat
Compass Avantgarde 19469,9894Low ProfileNoYes3,
Compass Avantgarde 18569,9894Low ProfileYesYes3,
Compass Avantgarde 15569,9894Low ProfileNoYes3,
Elddis Autoquest 19469,9894Low ProfileNoYes3,
Elddis Autoquest 18569,9894Low ProfileYesYes3,
Elddis Autoquest 15569,9894Low ProfileNoYes3,
Compass Avantgarde 15069,9894Low ProfileNoYes3,
Elddis Autoquest 15069,9894Low ProfileNoYes3,
Westfalia Amundsen 600E69,9954Panel VanNoYes3,5005.992.052.60Fiat
KNAUS L!VE TI 590 MF70,3302Low ProfileNoYes3,5006.402.322.79Fiat
Pilote P69OGJ Expression70,5004Low ProfileYesYes3,5006.992.692.69Fiat
Auto-Trail Imala 73070,5424OvercabYesYes3,5007.252.353.03Fiat
Roller Team T-Line 59070,8844Low ProfileYesNo3,5005.992.352.95Fiat DucatoDieselRoller
KNAUS VAN I 550 MF70,9604A ClassNoYes3,5005.992.202.76Fiat
KNAUS Van TI 550 MF70,9602Low ProfileNoYes3,5005.992.202.76Fiat
Compass Avantgarde 19670,9896Low ProfileNoNo3,
Elddis Autoquest 19670,9896Low ProfileNoNo3,
Swift Carrera 12271,4952Panel VanNoNo3,5006.002.262.72Fiat
Auto-Trail Imala 73671,5426OvercabYesNo3,5007.252.353.03Fiat
Carado I33871,5904A ClassNoYes3,5006.972.322.90Fiat
Roller Team Auto-Roller 70771,6866Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.332.352.95Ford TransitDieselRoller
Roller Teams Auto-Roller 74771,6866Low ProfileYesNo3,5007.472.352.95Ford TransitDiesel Roller
Roller Team Auto-Roller 74671,6866OvercabYesYes3,5007.472.353.20Ford TransitDieselRoller
Swift Edge 49471,7904Low ProfileNoYes3,5007.322.392.98Fiat
Auto-Sleepers Symbol71,9502Panel VanNoNo3,3005.412.262.64PeugeotDieselAuto-Sleepers
Auto-Trail F-Line F7071,9644Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.322.352.88Ford
Swift Edge 48671,9906Low ProfileNoNo3,5007.322.392.98Fiat
Swift Edge 476 71,9906Low ProfileNoYes3,5007.322.392.98Fiat
Swift Carrera 13272,4952Panel VanNoNo3,5006.362.262.72Fiat
Swift Ascari 37272,4952Low ProfileNoNo3,5006.652.262.78Fiat
Swift Edge 46672,5906Low ProfileNoYes3,6507.322.392.98Fiat
Auto-Sleepers Warwick Duo72,9502Panel VanNoNo3,5005.992.262.64PeugeotDieselAuto-Sleepers
Auto-Sleepers Symbol Plus72,9502Panel VanNoNo3,5005.992.262.64PeugeotDieselAuto-Sleepers
Hymer Free 540 Blue Evolution73,3404Panel VanNoYes3,5005.412.082.70Fiat
Pilote P746GJ Expression73,4004Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.452.692.69Fiat
Pilote P740GJ Expression73,4004Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.452.692.69Fiat
Pilote P746FC Expression73,4004Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.452.692.69Fiat
Pilote P746 C Expression73,4004Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.452.692.69Fiat
Pilote P740FC Expression73,4004Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.452.692.69Fiat
Pilote P740FGJ Expression73,4004Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.452.692.69Fiat
Pilote P740FC Evidence73,4004Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.452.692.69Fiat
Pilote P740FGJ Evidence73,4004Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.452.692.69Fiat
Pilote P740C Expression73,4004Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.452.692.69Fiat
Swift Carrera 14473,4953Panel VanNoNo3,5006.002.262.72Fiat
Bailey Adamo 60-473,4994Low ProfileYesNo3,5006.092.382.85Ford
Pilote P696GJ Expression73,5004Low ProfileYesYes3,5006.992.692.69Fiat
Hymer Free 600 Campus73,5904Panel VanNoYes3,5005.992.082.70Fiat
Rapido C8673,6003Low ProfileYesYes3,
Carado I44973,6905A ClassYesYes3,5007.402.322.90Fiat
Carado I44773,6905A ClassYesYes3,5007.402.322.90Fiat
Laika Kosmo 91273,8405A ClassYesYes3,5007.412.332.94Fiat
Laika Kosmo 909 L73,8405A ClassYesYes3,5007.412.332.94Fiat
Laika Kosmo 90973,8405A ClassYesYes3,5007.412.332.94Fiat
Auto-Trail Imala 736G73,9226OvercabYesYes3,5007.252.353.03Fiat
Dethleffs JustGo T 7055 EBL73,9955Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.362.332.99Ford
Dethleffs JustGo T 7055 DBL73,9955Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.362.332.99Ford
Auto-Trail V-Line 636 Sport74,1382Panel VanNoNo3,5006.362.272.68Fiat
Auto-Trail V-Line 636 SE74,1382Panel VanNoNo3,5006.362.272.68Fiat
Auto-Trail V-Line 680 S74,1382Panel VanNoNo3,5006.362.272.68Fiat
Auto-Trail Tracker EKS74,2882Low ProfileYesNo3,5006.462.352.84Fiat
Swift Ascari 34474,2954Low ProfileNoNo3,5005.992.262.78Fiat
Roller Team T-Line 70074,3724Low ProfileNoNo3,5006.992.352.95Fiat DucatoDieselRoller
Pilote P720FGJ Expression74,4004Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.202.692.69Fiat
Dethleffs Trend T 6717 EB74,4905Low ProfileNoYes3,5006.962.332.94Fiat
Dethleffs Trend I 6717 EB74,4904A ClassNoYes3,5006.962.332.94Fiat
Pilote P650GJ Expression74,4954Low ProfileNoYes3,5006.492.692.69Fiat
Bailey Adamo 69-474,4994Low ProfileYesNo3,5006.982.382.85Ford
Pilote P726P Expression74,5004Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.152.692.69Fiat
Pilote P726FC Expression74,5004Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.202.692.69Fiat
Pilote P726FGJ Expression74,5004Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.202.692.69Fiat
Rapido V5574,6953Panel VanYesYes3,
Auto-Trail F-Line F7474,7194Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.322.352.88Ford
KNAUS L!VE Wave 700 MEG74,7306Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.482.322.94Fiat
KNAUS L!VE Wave 700 MX74,7305Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.302.322.94Fiat
Auto-Trail Adventure 5574,9244Panel VanNoNo3,5005.992.272.68Fiat
Jerba VW Crafter Tamh74,9504Panel VanNoYes3,5005.982.042.59VW
Carado T338 Edition2474,9904Low ProfileNoYes3,5006.952.322.90Ford
Carado T338 Edition2474,9904Low ProfileNoYes3,5006.992.322.90Ford
Chausson 65074,9954Low ProfileNoNo3,5006.392.102.75Ford
Auto-Sleepers Nuevo EK75,2002Low ProfileYesNo3,
Swift Carrera 19475,4953Panel VanNoYes3,5006.362.262.72Fiat
Swift Carrera 18475,4954Panel VanNoNo3,5006.362.262.72Fiat
Bailey Adamo 75-4T75,4994Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.482.382.85Ford
Bailey Adamo 75-4I75,4994Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.482.382.85Ford
Auto-Sleepers Nuevo ES75,6004OvercabYesYes3,
Auto-Sleepers Kingham75,7002Panel VanNoYes3,
Auto-Sleepers Warwick XL75,7002Panel VanYesNo3,
Auto-Sleepers Fairford Plus75,7004Panel VanNoNo3,
Auto-Sleepers Fairford75,7004Panel VanNoNo3,5006.362.262.64PeugeotDieselAuto-Sleepers
Auto-Sleepers Kemerton XL75,7002Panel VanYesNo3,5006.362.262.64PeugeotDieselAuto-Sleepers
Pilote P626D Expression75,9874Low ProfileNoNo3,5006.202.692.69Fiat
KNAUS Van TI Plus 700 LF76,1004Low ProfileNoYes3,5007.472.202.90VW
Chausson 66076,1904Low ProfileNoNo3,5006.992.102.75Ford
KNAUS L!VE Wave 650 MG76,2506Low ProfileYesYes3,5006.942.322.94Fiat
Bailey Adamo 75-4DL76,4994Low ProfileNoNo3,5007.482.382.85Ford
Roller Team T-Line 74076,6864Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.432.352.95Fiat DucatoDieselRoller
Hymer Grand Canyon S76,9704Panel VanNoYes3,5005.932.062.76Mercedes
Rapido C5676,9953Low ProfileNoYes3,
Laika Ecovip L 2009 76,7405Low ProfileNoYes3,5006.592.252.96Fiat
Pilote P650C Expression77,0004Low ProfileYesYes3,5006.492.692.69Fiat
Pilote P696S Expression77,0006Low ProfileYesYes3,5006.992.692.69Fiat
Carado T449 Edition2477,0905Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.362.322.93Ford
Carado T447 Edition2477,0905Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.362.322.90Ford
Carado T449 Edition2477,0905Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.362.322.93Ford
Carado T447 Edition2477,0905Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.392.322.90Ford
Chausson 64077,1404Low ProfileYesNo3,5006.992.102.75Ford
Laika Ecovip L 301977,4105Low ProfileNoYes3,5006.992.252.96Fiat
Adria Compact Supreme SP77,5103Low ProfileNoYes3,5005.992.122.78Fiat
Laika Kosmo Emblema 912 E77,5405A ClassYesYes3,5007.412.332.94Fiat
Laika Kosmo Emblema 909 LE77,5405A ClassYesYes3,5007.412.332.94Fiat
Laika Kosmo Emblema 909 E77,5405A ClassYesYes3,5007.412.332.94Fiat
Dethleffs Globebus I 677,6004A ClassNoYes3,5006.952.202.81Fiat
Laika Ecovip L 301077,7405Low ProfileNoYes3,5006.992.252.96Fiat
Laika Ecovip L 300977,7405Low ProfileNoYes3,5006.992.252.96Fiat
KNAUS Sky TI 700 MEG78,4703Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.502.322.79Fiat
KNAUS L!VE I 700 MEG78,4705A ClassYesYes5,0007.512.322.79Fiat
Adria Compact Supreme SC78,6352Low ProfileNoYes3,5006.992.122.75Fiat
Adria Compact Supreme DL78,6403Low ProfileNoYes3,5006.992.122.75Fiat
Adria Compact Supreme SL78,6553Low ProfileNoYes3,5006.992.122.75Fiat
Chausson 777GA78,8005Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.192.102.75Ford
Laika Ecovip L 3412 DS78,8405Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.202.252.96Fiat
Pilote P720FC Expression78,9004Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.202.692.69Fiat
Westfalia Columbus 540D78,9954Panel VanNoYes3,5005.412.052.60Fiat
Pilote P626D Evidence79,0004Low ProfileNoNo3,5006.202.692.69Fiat
KNAUS L!VE TI 700 MEG79,3104Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.482.322.79Fiat
Rapido V6879,4403Panel VanNoYes3,
Roller Team Pegaso 59079,8454A ClassYesNo3,5005.992.352.95Fiat DucatoDieselRoller
Auto-Trail Tracker RL79,8802Low ProfileYesNo3,5007.082.352.84Fiat
Auto-Trail Tracker FB79,8804Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.082.352.84Fiat
Swift Escape 64079,8904Low ProfileYesNo3,5006.992.372.86Fiat
Jerba VW Crafter Saorsa79,9504Panel VanNoYes3,5005.982.042.59VW CrafterDieselJerbaJerba Campervans
Bailey Autograph 69-279,9992Low ProfileYesNo3,5006.962.492.71Peugeot
KNAUS Sky TI 650 MF80,1906Low ProfileNoYes3,5006.962.322.79Fiat
Auto-Sleepers Broadway EB80,2002Low ProfileYesNo3,
Auto-Sleepers Broadway EK TB LP80,2002Low ProfileYesNo3,
Auto-Trail Tracker RB80,5994Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.392.352.84Fiat
Buerstner Lyseo TD 594 Harmony Line80,6954Low ProfileYesNo3,5005.992.302.95Fiat
Pilote P696U Evidence80,8304Low ProfileYesNo3,5006.992.692.69Fiat
Laika Ecovip L 4012 DS80,8405Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.402.252.96Fiat
Laika Ecovip L 400980,8405Low Profile YesYes3,5007.402.252.96Fiat
Laika Ecovip L 4009 DS80,8405Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.402.252.96Fiat
Pilote P696D Evidence81,0004Low ProfileYesNo3,5006.992.692.69Fiat
Pilote P696U Expression81,0004Low ProfileYesYes3,5006.992.692.69Fiat
Pilote P696D Expression81,0004Low ProfileYesNo3,5006.992.692.69Fiat
Auto-Trail Tracker SB81,1524Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.392.352.84Fiat
Auto-Sleepers Broadway EK81,2004OvercabYesYes3,
Auto-Sleepers Broadway EL81,2002Low ProfileYesNo3,
Auto-Sleepers Broadway FB81,2004Low ProfileYesYes3,
KNAUS Sky TI 650 MEG81,3202Low ProfileNoYes3,5006.962.322.79Fiat
KNAUS Van TI Plus 650 MEG81,3202Low ProfileNoYes3,5006.992.202.90VW
Swift Escape 68481,3954Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.842.372.86Fiat
KNAUS Tourer Van LT81,4254Low ProfileNoNo3,2005.892.162.80VW
KNAUS VAN I 650 MEG81,5345A ClassNoYes3,5006.962.202.76Fiat
KNAUS Van TI 650 MEG81,5343Low ProfileNoYes3,5006.962.202.76Fiat
Westfalia Club Joker81,5694Panel VanNoNo3,5005.291.902.80VW
Auto-Trail V-Line 635 Sport81,5732Panel VanNoNo3,5006.362.272.68Fiat
Auto-Trail V-Line 635 SE81,5732Panel VanNoNo3,5006.362.272.68Fiat
Westfalia Columbus 600E81,6404Panel VanNoYes3,5005.992.052.60Fiat
Hymer Exsis-t 47481,7603Low ProfileNoYes3,5006.592.222.79Fiat
Pilote A696G81,8304Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.002.692.69Ford
VW Grand California 81,8902Panel VanNoYes3,5006.862.422.84VW
Hymer Free S 600 Blue Evolution81,9404Panel VanNoYes3,5005.932.062.78Mercedes
Adria Coral Axess 600 SL81,9852Low ProfileNoYes3,5006.992.292.90Fiat DucatoDieselAdria
Chausson 72081,9956Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.192.102.75Ford
Hymer Exsis-t 580 Pure82,0303Low ProfileYesYes3,5006.942.222.83Fiat
Adria Matrix Axess 600 SL82,1404Low ProfileNoNo3,5006.992.292.90Fiat DucatoDieselAdria
Adria Matrix Axess 600 SP82,1954Low ProfileYesNo3,5006.992.292.90Fiat DucatoDieselAdria
Swift Escape 69482,1954Low ProfileYesYes3,7007.842.372.86Fiat
Adria Matrix Axess 600 DT82,6554Low ProfileYesNo3,5006.962.292.90Fiat DucatoDieselAdria
KNAUS Van TI 640 MEG82,6702Low ProfileNoYes3,
Elddis Encore 28582,9954Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.402.352.82Fiat
Elddis Encore 29582,9952Low ProfileYesNo3,5007.402.352.82Fiat
Elddis Encore 25582,9954Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.402.352.82Fiat
Elddis Encore 250 82,9954Low ProfileNoYes3,5007.402.352.82Fiat
Bailey Autograph 74-282,9992Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.372.492.71Peugeot
Buerstner Lyseo 680 G Harmony Line83,1954Low ProfileYesNo3,5006.892.302.95Fiat
Buerstner Lyseo 644 TD Harmony Line83,1954Low ProfileYesYes3,5006.992.302.95Fiat
Hymer T-Class S 58583,6105Low ProfileNoYes3,5007.092.292.98Mercedes
Hymer T-Class S 69583,6105Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.392.292.98Mercedes
Hymer T-Class S 68583,6105Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.392.292.98Mercedes
Hymer T-Class S 68083,6105Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.392.292.98Mercedes
Bailey Autograph 74-483,9994Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.362.492.71Peugeot
Bailey Autograph 79-2F83,9992Low ProfileYesYes3,8507.912.492.71Peugeot
Swift Escape 67484,4956Low ProfileYesNo4,5008.222.372.86Fiat
Pilote A656D84,5004Low ProfileYesNo3,5006.602.692.69Ford
Pilote P600P Expression84,5004Low ProfileYesYes3,5005.962.692.69Fiat
Rapido C5584,5323Low ProfileNoYes3,
Roller Team Pegaso 74584,8364A ClassYesNo3,5007.412.352.95Fiat DucatoDieselRoller
Rapido C5084,9943Low ProfileNoYes3,
Chausson 78884,9955Low ProfileYesYes3.5007.192.102.75Ford
Bailey Autograph 79-4T84,9994Low ProfileYesYes3,8507.932.492.71Peugeot
Bailey Autograph 79-4I84,9994Low ProfileYesYes3,8507.932.492.71Peugeot
Bailey Autograph 79-4F84,9994Low ProfileYesYes3,8507.932.492.71Peugeot
Rapido 696F85,0003Low ProfileYesYes3,
Auto-Sleepers Corinium Duo85,2054Low ProfileYesYes4,
Auto-Sleepers Corinium FB85,2054Low ProfileYesYes4,
KNAUS L!VE TI 650 MEG85,2503Low ProfileNoYes3,5006.942.322.79Fiat
KNAUS L!VE I 650 MEG85,2505A ClassNoYes5,0006.972.322.79Fiat
Roller Team Pegaso 74086,3924A ClassYesYes3,5007.412.352.95Fiat DucatoDieselRoller
KNAUS Van Wave 640 MEG86,4994Low ProfileNoYes3,
Dethleffs Pulse Classic 90 T 7051 EBL87,5995Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.412.333.00Fiat
Dethleffs Pulse Classic 90 T 7051 DBM87,5995Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.412.333.00Fiat
Dethleffs Pulse Classic 90 T 7051 DBL87,5995Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.412.333.00Fiat
Dethleffs Alpa I 6820-287,9804A ClassYesYes4,8007.482.333.04Fiat
Dethleffs Alpa A 6820-287,9804OvercabYesYes4,8007.332.333.27Fiat
Auto-Trail Tracker LB88,6484Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.392.352.84Fiat
Bailey Autograph 81-688,9996Low ProfileYesNo4,2508.122.492.83Peugeot
Compass Concerto 25589,2334Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.402.352.82Fiat
Compass Concerto 25089,2334Low ProfileNoYes3,5007.402.352.82Fiat
Hymer ML-T 57089,3403Low ProfileNoYes3,5006.742.222.92Mercedes
Carthago C-Tourer T 143 LE Lightweight89,5803Low ProfileNoYes3,5006.902.272.89Fiat
Dethleffs Trend I 7057 EBL89,9994A ClassYesYes3,5007.402.332.94Fiat
Dethleffs Trend I 7057 EB89,9995A ClassYesYes3,5007.402.332.94Fiat
Dethleffs Trend I 7057 DBM89,9995A ClassYesYes3,5007.402.332.94Fiat
Dethleffs Trend I 7057 DBL89,9994A ClassYesYes3,5007.402.332.94Fiat
Dethleffs Trend I 7017 EB89,9994A ClassYesYes3,5007.402.332.94Fiat
KNAUS Tourer Van 500 MQ90,1654Low ProfileNoYes3,2005.892.162.80VW
Hymer ML-T 58090,4503Low ProfileYesYes3,5006.982.222.92Mercedes
Rapido 896F90,4594A ClassYesYes3,5007.492.352.89Fiat
Rapido 866F90,4594A ClassYesYes3,5007.492.352.89Fiat
Carthago C-Tourer Fiat Ducato T 148 LE H Comfort91,6805Low ProfileNoYes3,5007.462.272.89Fiat
Rapido 8086dF91,8004A ClassYesYes3,6507.202.352.89Fiat
Rapido 854F92,0304A ClassNoNo3,5006.702.352.89Fiat
Rapido 886F92,0304A ClassYesYes3,5007.202.352.89Fiat
Dethleffs Pulse I 7051 DBL92,4014A ClassYesYes3,5007.402.333.00Fiat
Hymer B-Class ModernComfort T 58092,6703Low ProfileYesYes3,5006.992.292.98Mercedes
Hymer B-Class MorderComfort T 55092,6705Low ProfileNoYes3,5006.992.292.98Mercedes
Adria Coral Supreme 670 DL92,7903Low ProfileYesYes3,6507.492.292.90Fiat DucatoDieselAdria
Adria Coral Supreme 670 DC92,7903Low ProfileYesYes3,6507.492.292.90Fiat DucatoDieselAdria
Auto-Sleepers Bourton92,9952Low ProfileYesNo3,5006.482.262.90Mercedes
Rapido 686F93,1093Low ProfileYesYes3,
Adria Coral Supreme 670 SL93,2253Low ProfileYesYes3,6507.492.292.90Fiat DucatoDieselAdria
Adria Coral Supreme 670 SLT93,2503Low ProfileYesYes3,6507.492.292.90Fiat DucatoDieselAdria
Carthago C-Tourer Mercedes-Benz Sprinter T 143 LE Lightweight93,4603Low ProfileNoYes3,5007.062.272.94Mercedes
Carthago C-Tourer Fiat Ducato T 148 LE Comfort93,4604Low ProfileNoYes3,5007.342.272.89Fiat
Westfalia Columbus 641E93,8614Panel VanNoYes3,5006.362.052.60Fiat
Adria Matrix Supreme 670 DL93,9204Low ProfileYesYes3,6507.492.292.90Fiat DucatoDieselAdria
Adria Matrix Supreme 670 DC93,9204Low ProfileYesYes3,6507.492.292.90Fiat DucatoDieselAdria
Adria Matrix Supreme 670 SL93,9354Low ProfileYesYes3,6507.492.292.90Fiat DucatoDieselAdria
Adria Matrix Supreme 670 SC93,9354Low ProfileYesYes3,6507.492.292.90Fiat DucatoDieselAdria
Dethleffs JustGo T 7055 EB94,0005Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.362.332.99Ford
Hymer Exsis-i 580 Pure94,0305A ClassYesYes3,5006.992.222.83Fiat
Rapido 666F94,1093Low ProfileYesYes3,
Westfalia Sven Hedin94,7504Panel VanNoYes3,5005.972.042.59VW
Westfalia Columbus 601D94,7544Panel VanNoYes3,5005.992.052.60Fiat
Carthago C-Tourer Fiat Ducato T 149 LE Comfort95,0804Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.472.272.89Fiat
Laika Ecovip H 311995,1405A ClassNoYes3,5006.992.252.96Fiat
Laika Ecovip H 311095,1405A ClassNoYes3,5006.992.252.96Fiat
Laika Ecovip H 310995,1405A ClassNoYes3,5006.992.252.96Fiat
Hymer B-Class ModernComfort T 60095,2405Low ProfileNoYes3,5007.192.292.98Mercedes
Swift Kon-Tiki 78495,3904Low ProfileYesYes4,5007.842.382.87Fiat
Carthago C-Tourer Mercedes-Benz Sprinter T 148 LE H Comfort95,5505Low ProfileNoYes3,5007.622.272.94Mercedes
Carthago C-Tourer Fiat Ducato T 150 QB Comfort95,8704Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.432.272.89Fiat
Dethleffs Trend T 7057 DBM96,3605Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.412.332.94Fiat
Dethleffs Trend T 7017 EB96,3605Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.412.332.94Fiat
Dethleffs Trend T 7057 EBL96,3905Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.412.332.94Fiat
Dethleffs Trend T 7057 DBL96,3905Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.412.332.94Fiat
Swift Kon-Tiki 79496,3904Low ProfileYesYes4,5007.842.382.87Fiat
Rapido 8066dF96,5004A ClassYesYes3,5007.492.352.94Fiat
Dethleffs Trend T 7057 EB96,3605Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.412.332.94Fiat
Hymer B-Class ModernComfort T 69097,2905Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.392.292.98Mercedes
Hymer B-Class ModernComfort T 68097,2905Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.392.292.98Mercedes
Dethleffs Pulse I 7051 EBL97,3124A ClassYesYes3,5007.402.333.00Fiat
Hymer Exsis-i 47497,4305A ClassNoNo3,5006.642.222.79Fiat
Buerstner Lyseo Gallery TD Harmony Line98,4956OvercabYesYes3,8506.902.302.95Fiat
Auto-Sleepers Winchcombe98,4952Low ProfileYesNo4,1007.332.352.90Mercedes
Auto-Sleepers Malvern98,4954Low ProfileYesYes4,1007.332.352.90Mercedes
Auto-Trail Frontier Scout98,6546OvercabYesYes4,5008.072.353.03Fiat
Carthago C-Tourer Mercedes-Benz Sprinter T 149 LE Comfort98,9504Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.632.272.94Mercedes
Auto-Trail Grande Frontier GF-7098,9724A ClassYesNo3,5006.932.353.04Fiat
Laika Ecovip H 4112 DS99,3405A ClassYesYes3,5007.402.252.96Fiat
Laika Ecovip H 410999,3405A ClassYesYes3,5007.402.252.96Fiat
Carthago C-Tourer Mercedes-Benz Sprinter T 150 QB Comfort99,7504Low ProfileYesYes3,5007.592.272.94Mercedes
Rapido M66100,0004A ClassYesYes4,5007.542.352.95Mercedes
Rapido i96100,0004A ClassYesYes4,4007.542.352.94Fiat
Rapido i66100,0004A ClassYesYes3,5007.542.352.94Fiat
Rapido M96100,0004A ClassYesYes4,5007.542.352.95Mercedes
Auto-Trail Frontier Delaware100,4546OvercabYesYes4,5008.072.353.03Fiat
Swift Kon-Tiki 774100,6906Low ProfileYesNo4,5008.222.382.87Fiat
Auto-Sleepers Burford Duo101,9954Low ProfileYesYes4,1007.922.352.90Mercedes
Auto-Sleepers Burford101,9954Low ProfileYesYes4,1007.922.352.90Mercedes
Carthago Chic C-Line Fiat Ducato T 4.9 LE103,0703Low ProfileYesYes4,2507.342.272.89Fiat
Carthago Chic C-Line Fiat Ducato T 5.0 QB104,3003Low ProfileYesYes4,2507.432.272.89Fiat
Dethleffs Pulse I 7051 DBM105,1804A ClassYesYes3,5007.402.333.00Fiat
Hymer B-MC T 550 WhiteLine105,4705Low ProfileNoYes4,4306.992.293.08Mercedes
Carthago C-Tourer Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 143 LE Lightweight106,0805A ClassNoYes3,5007.082.272.94Mercedes
Carthago C-Compactline 138 DB Super-Lightweight106,9905A ClassNoYes3,5006,4102.122.89Fiat
Carthago Chic C-Line Mercedes-Benz Sprinter T 4.9 LE107,1703Low ProfileYesYes4,2007.502.272.89Mercedes
Carhago C-Compactline 141 LE Super-Lightweight107,6304A ClassNoYes3,5006.672.122.89Fiat
Hymer B-Class ModernComfort 580107,8004A ClassNoYes3,5006.992.292.98Mercedes
Hymer B-Class ModernComfort 550107,8005A ClassNoYes3,5006.992.292.98Mercedes
Hymer B-MC T 600 WhiteLine108,0405Low ProfileNoYes4,4307.192.293.08Mercedes
Buerstner Lyseo 690 G 108,1954A ClassNoYes4,4006.982.322.91Fiat
Carthago C-Compactline 143 LE Super-Lightweight108,5805A ClassNoYes3,5006.952.122.89Fiat
Carthago C-Tourer Fiat Ducato 141 LE Lightweight108,6304A ClassNoYes3,5006.672.272.89Fiat
Carthago C-Tourer Fiat Ducato 143 LE Lightweight109,4504A ClassNoYes3,5006.952.272.89Fiat
Adria Coral Supreme MB 670 DL109,4703Low ProfileYesYes3,8807.692.292.87Mercedes SprinterDieselAdria
Adria Coral Supreme MB 670 DC109,4703Low ProfileYesYes3,8807.692.292.87Mercedes SprinterDieselAdria
Hymer B-Class MasterLine T 780109,9403Low ProfileYesYes4,4307.892.352.98Mercedes
Carthago C-Tourer Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 148 LE Comfort109,9505A ClassNoYes4,2007.522.272.94Mercedes
Adria Matrix Supreme MB 670 SL110,5654Low ProfileYesYes3,8807.692.292.87Mercedes SprinterDieselAdria
Adria Matrix Supreme MB 670 DC110,5654Low ProfileYesYes3,8807.692.292.87Mercedes SprinterDieselAdria
Buerstner Lyseo 726 G111,1954A ClassNoYes4,4007.362.322.91Fiat
Carthago C-Tourer Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 149 LE Comfort111,5905A ClassYesYes4,2007.652.272.94Mercedes
Buerstner Lyseo 727 G111,7954A ClassYesYes4,4007.362.322.91Fiat
Carthago C-Tourer Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 150 QB Comfort112,3305A ClassYesYes4,2007.612.272.94Mercedes
Carthago C-Tourer Fiat Ducato 148 LE Comfort113,3205A ClassNoYes3,5007.392.272.89Fiat
Swift Kon-Tiki 884113,4954Low ProfileYesYes5,0008.962.382.87Fiat
Auto-Trail Frontier Comanche114,0006OvercabYesYes5,0008.792.353.03Fiat
Swift Kon-Tiki 894114,3904Low ProfileYesYes5,0008.962.382.87Fiat
Carthago C-Tourer Fiat Ducato 149 LE Comfort114,9605A ClassYesYes3,5007.522.272.89Fiat
Swift Kon-Tiki 874115,4906Low ProfileYesNo5,0008.962.382.87Fiat
Carthago C-Tourer Fiat Ducato 150 QB Comfort115,7005A ClassYesYes3,5007.482.272.89Fiat
Dethleffs Pulse I 7051 EB118,1904A ClassYesYes3,5007.402.333.00Fiat
Carthago Chic C-Line Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4.9 LE118,1905A ClassYesYes4,2007.522.272.94Mercedes
Adria Sonic 700 SL118,3904A ClassYesYes4,4007.492.322.95Fiat DucatoDieselAdria
Adria Sonic 700 DL118,3904A ClassYesYes4,4007.492.322.95Fiat DucatoDieselAdria
Adria Sonic 700 DC118,3904A ClassYesYes4,4007.492.322.95Fiat DucatoDieselAdria
Carthago Chic C-Line Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 5.0 QB119,4705A ClassYesYes4,2007.612.272.94Mercedes
Hymer B-MC 550 WhiteLine119,7505A ClassNoYes4,4306.992.293.08Mercedes SprinterDieselHymerHymer
KNAUS Sun I 700 LEG120,0004A ClassYesYes5,0007.652.342.94Fiat
Carthago Chic C-Line Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4.9 LE L120,0105A ClassYesYes4,2007.902.272.94Mercedes
Carthago Chic C-Line Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 5.0 QB L121,2505A ClassYesYes4,2007.912.272.94Mercedes
Carthago C-Line Fiat Ducato 4.9 LE121,4005A ClassYesYes4,2507.392.272.89Fiat
Auto-Trail Grande Frontier GF-80122,0004A ClassYesYes4,5008.072.353.04Fiat
Hymer B-MC 600 WhiteLine122,0605A ClassNoYes4,4307.192.293.08Mercedes
Carthago Chic C-Line Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4.9 LE Superior122,4805A ClassYesYes4,2007.522.272.94Mercedes
Carthago C-Line Fiat Ducato 5.0 QB122,6805A ClassYesYes4,2507.482.272.89Fiat
Laika Kreos L 5009123,1404Low ProfileYesYes4,5007.892.302.99Fiat
Carthago C-Line Fiat Ducato 4.9 LE L123,2205A ClassYesYes4,2507.772.272.89Fiat
Carthago Chic C-Line Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 5.0 QB Superior123,7605A ClassYesYes4,2007.612.272.94Mercedes
Carthago Chic C-Line Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4.9 LE L Superior124,3005A ClassYesYes4,2007.902.272.94Mercedes
Carthago C-Line Fiat Ducato 5.0 QB L124,4605A ClassYesYes4,2507.782.272.89Fiat
Carthago Chic C-Line Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 5.0 QB L Superior125,5405A ClassYesYes4,2007.912.272.94Mercedes
Carthago Chic C-Line Fiat Ducato 4.9 LE Superior125,6905A ClassYesYes4,2507.392.272.89Fiat
Hymer ML-T 570 CrossOver126,5903Low ProfileNoYes4,1006.892.223.05Mercedes
Carthago Chic C-Line Fiat Ducato 5.0 QB Superior126,9705A ClassYesYes4,2507.482.272.89Fiat
Carthago Chic C-Line Fiat Ducato 4.9 LE L Superior127,5105A ClassYesYes4,2507.772.272.89Fiat
Carthago Chic C-Line Fiat Ducato 5.0 QB L Superior128,7505A ClassYesYes4,2507.782.272.89Fiat
Auto-Trail Grande Frontier GF-88129,4224A ClassYesYes5,0008.792.353.04Fiat
Rapido i190130,0006A ClassYesYes4,5007.992.352.94Fiat
Hymer B-Class MasterLine 790132,6705A ClassYesYes4,4307.892.352.98Mercedes
Hymer B-Class MasterLine 780132,6705A ClassYesYes4,4307.892.352.98Mercedes
Carthago Chic C-Line Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 5.9 XL LE132,9505A ClassYesYes5,0008.532.272.94Mercedes
Dethleffs Esprit I 7150-2 EBL133,0004A ClassYesYes4,2507.812.332.98Fiat
Dethleffs Esprit I 7150-2 EB133,0005A ClassYesYes4,2507.812.332.98Fiat
Dethleffs Esprit I 7150-2 DBM133,0005A ClassYesYes4,2507.812.332.98Fiat
Dethleffs Esprit I 7150-2 DBL133,0004A ClassYesYes4,2507.812.332.98Fiat
Carthago Chic C-Line Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 6.2 XL QB133,1805A ClassYesYes5,0008.782.272.94Mercedes
Carthago Chic C-Line Fiat Ducato 5.9 XL LE135,6205A ClassYesYes5,0008.402.272.89Fiat
Carthago Chic C-Line Fiat Ducato 6.2 XL QB135,8505A ClassYesYes5,0008.652.272.89Fiat
Adria Supersonic 890 LC142,0004A ClassYesYes5,5008.902.303.20Mercedes
Hymer B-Class MasterLine 880144,9105A ClassYesYes4,4308.992.352.98Mercedes
Dethleffs Alpa I 7820-2145,0004A ClassYesYes5,0008.582.333.04Fiat
Dethleffs Alpa A 7820-2145,0004OvercabYesYes5,0008.582.333.27Fiat
Dethleffs Globetrotter XL I 7850-2 EB151,0905A ClassYesYes5,0008.612.333.04Fiat
Dethleffs Globetrotter XL I 7850-2 DBM151,0905A ClassYesYes5,0008.612.333.04Fiat
Buerstner Elegance 920 G152,1954A ClassYesYes5,5008.992.343.05Fiat
Buerstner Elegance 910 G152,1954A ClassYesYes5,5008.992.343.05Fiat
Carthago Chic E-Line Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 50 LE154,3703A ClassYesYes4,5008.052.273.10Mercedes
Carthago Chic E-Line Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 51 QB155,3403A ClassYesYes4,5008.072.273.10Mercedes
Adria Supersonic 780 DC156,6904A ClassYesYes4,5007.832.303.20Mercedes
Adria Supersonic 780 SL156,6904A ClassYesNo4,5007.832.303.20Mercedes
Carthago Chic E-Line Fiat Ducato 50 LE157,3105A ClassYesYes4,5007.892.273.05Fiat
KNAUS L!VE I 900 LEG158,0006A ClassYesYes5,0008.592.322.79Fiat
Carthago Chic E-Line Fiat Ducato 51 QB158,2805A ClassYesYes4,5007.912.273.05Fiat
KNAUS Sun I 900 LX159,9704A ClassYesYes5,0008.822.342.94Fiat
Carthago Chic E-Line Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 50 LE DA160,5405A ClassYesYes5,0008.052.273.10Mercedes
Carthago Chic E-Line Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 51 QB DA161,5205A ClassYesYes5,0008.072.273.10Mercedes
Carthago Chic E-Line Fiat Ducato 50 LE DA162,5005A ClassYesYes5,0007.892.273.05Fiat
Carthago Chic E-Line Fiat Ducato 51 QB DA163,4705A ClassYesYes5,0007.912.273.05Fiat
Carthago Liner-For-Two Fiat Ducato 53164,4104A ClassYesYes4,5007.832.273.05Fiat
Carthago Chic S-Plus 50 LE166,9805A ClassYesYes5,6007.912.273.12Iveco
Carthago Chic E-Line Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 61 XL LE168,3405A ClassYesYes5,0008.752.273.10Mercedes
Carthago Chic E-Line Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 64 XL QB168,8305A ClassYesYes5,0008.992.273.10Mercedes
Carthago Chic E-Line Fiat Ducato 61 XL LE170,2905A ClassYesYes5,0008,592.273.05Fiat
Carthago Chic E-Line Fiat Ducato 64 XL QB170,7905A ClassYesYes5,0008.842.273.05Fiat
Carthago Liner-For-Two Fiat Ducato 53 L173,1604A ClassYesYes5,0008.532.273.05Fiat
Carthago Liner-For-Two Iveco Daily 53173,3704A ClassYesYes5,6007.852.273.12Iveco
Adria Supersonic 890 LL183,7554A Class YesYes5,5008.902.303.20Mercedes
Carthago Chic S-Plus 61 XL LE185,9805A ClassYesYes6,7008.602.273.29Iveco
Carthago Chic S-Plus 64 XL QB190,5405A ClassYesYes6,7008.862.273.29Iveco
Carthago Liner-For-Two Iveco Daily 53 L190,7604A ClassYesYes6,7008.552.273.29Iveco
KNAUS Sun I 900 LEG191,0004A ClassYesYes5,0008.822.342.94Fiat
Hymer Venture S 187,4124Low ProfileNoYes4,1006.452.222.90Mercedes
Dethleffs Globetrotter XXL A 9000-2 EB234,0006OvercabYesYes6,7008.862.353.45Iveco

Caravan Database Explained

Below is an explanation of each of the caravan database variables. Please note, I’ve referenced the dimensions in feet (ft), as this is the traditional/most common means to discuss caravan dimensions.

Price (£)

The price figure provided is a starting price. Therefore, optional extras can obviously increase the price point. I’ll do my best to keep the figures accurate.


The berth figure shows how many dedicated sleeping areas that particular caravan model provides.

MTPLM (kg)

This is the maximum weight figure the caravan can be legally loaded to, and it stands for Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Mass. Your tow car must be rated to tow at or above this weight.

Width (ft)

You can use the custom search feature to include/exclude caravans under or above any set width. For instance, you may wish to include/exclude 8-foot wide caravans.

Length (ft)

The length figure provided includes the A-frame/hitch. Therefore, it is the total length of the caravan. It does not describe the internal length of the living space.


Besides just single or twin-axle caravans, I’ve also included two other variables to better separate caravans within the database. This includes single axle/teardrop and twin axle/fifth wheel.

End Washroom?

If you are looking for a caravan with the most space in its bathroom, an end washroom layout maybe you. Hence select ‘Yes’ from the drop-down. Select ‘No’, and the layouts will have a larger living area.

If you select ‘No Washroom’, this will produce a selection of small teardrop and compact caravans that have no dedicated toilet/shower space.

Fixed Bed?

A fixed bed layout has its advantages in that you don’t have to prepare a bed every evening. However, it also means less seating area during the day, and maybe a smaller bathroom/washroom.


If you only want to review caravans from a specific brand, you can use the ‘Make’ drop-down option above the database. Please note, you can select multiple makes at the same time.

Ready To Play? Tap/Click To Go Back To The Caravan Database

Motorhome Database Explained

Below is an explanation of each of the motorhome database variables. Please note, I’ve referenced the dimensions in meters for the length, width and height of the motorhomes.

I regard a leisure vehicle as a motorhome as long as it has a dedicated space for the toilet/shower. Therefore, the database included some panel vans, which some regard as campervans.

Price (£)

The price figure provided is a starting price. Therefore, optional extras can obviously increase the price point. I’ll do my best to keep the figures accurate.


The berth figure shows how many dedicated sleeping areas that particular motorhome model provides.


I’ve listed four different types of motorhomes. Generally, Panel Vans are the smallest/cheapest models. There are then the coachbuilt designs of Low Profile, Overcab and A Class.

I have a separate article on motorhome types/classes where I discuss the pros and cons of the different motorhome designs if you are not sure which design would suit you best.

Separate Shower?

With some motorhome washroom designs, the toilet and shower share the same space. Hence, the toilet gets wet when you use the shower, with the associated drawbacks.

If you select ‘Yes’, you will be provided with motorhomes where the shower does not get the toilet wet when in use. However, in some cases, the shower is still very close to the toilet.

Fixed Bed?

A fixed bed layout has its advantages in that you don’t have to prepare a bed every evening. However, it also means less seating area during the day, and maybe a smaller bathroom/washroom.

MTPLM (kg)

This is the maximum weight figure the motorhome can be legally loaded to, and it stands for Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Mass. You need to check your driving licence is compatible above 3,500 kg.

Length (m)

This figure is the total length of the motorhome from the front of the cab to the rear of the habitation area. Very long motors may actually have an additional tag axle on the rear.

Width (m)

The width figure is the maximum width dimension of the motorhome with the wing mirrors folded in. Panel vans are generally the narrowest motorhomes.

Height (m)

Panel vans are the lowest-height motorhomes, with Overcab and A Class motorhomes being the tallest. In some cases, additional equipment, such as air conditioners, can increase the height of a motorhome.

Base Vehicle?

The option includes vehicles from Ford, Fiat, Iveco, MAN, Peugeot, VW and Mercedes. If you have a particular preference, you can select one or more brands from the drop-down option.

Fuel Type?

Currently, every motorhome listed within the database uses Diesel. However, at some point, we will start to see electric motorhomes. Hence, this is why I’ve included it in the database.


If you only want to review motorhomes from a specific brand, you can use the ‘Make’ drop-down option above the database. Please note, you can select multiple makes at the same time.

Ready To Play? Tap/Click To Go Back To The Motorhome Database

Custom Search Builder Explained

For both the caravan database and motorhome database above, you will see a button for the ‘Custom Search Builder’ above the database filter drop-down options.

By using the custom search building, you can narrow down your search very specifically. Take price, for instance. You can set search rules to only show results within a specific range.

You can do the same for the MTPLM, Length, Width or Height of the caravan or motorhome. You can run many custom search variables at the same time.

If you want to compare the specs/features of a specific caravan/motorhome against another model, you can use the ‘Make/Model’ drop-down filter to select them.

Conclusions On The Caravan & Motorhome Database

I hope you find the above databases useful in researching your next caravan or motorhome. Remember to tap/click the little green cross next to each model for a link to the manufacturer’s website.

It took me a long time to produce the databases above, as there are several hundred entries. If you did find it useful, I would appreciate I mention it on your social media and a pointer to friends/family.

That’s it! I hope you found the above on the best caravans of various sleeping configurations with a rear washroom interesting/useful.

Once you are set up with your new caravan/motorhome, why not come and pay us a visit here at Horton Common. 🙂

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