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We have many guests that come to visit us at Horton Common each year in motorhomes. Something which pretty much every guest would agree with is they had to spend quite a decent chunk of change to purchase their motorhome. Now, no motorhome purchase is going to be generally described as a ‘cheap’ purchase. However, there are obviously budget/entry-level motorhomes from various manufacturers. Therefore that’s what this article is about. I’ve provided examples below of some of the cheapest motorhome options for panel van and coachbuilt (including A-Class) motorhomes. Right, let’s get into this!

Best Cheap Motorhomes
Before you can find the cheapest motorhome that will best suit your needs, you need to decide which type/class you’re after

First, I just want to clarify what type of leisure vehicles I’m covering in this article. All the vehicles below have a dedicated space for onboard facilities (toilet/shower).

As I have previously discussed in my article on the best small motorhomes, that’s my definition of a motorhome.

If you do not require a dedicated washroom/wet room in your leisure vehicle, then you will likely find a cheaper option that suits your needs better in my article on the best small campervans.

Disclaimer: Hey! By the way… any links on this page that lead to products on Amazon or Caravan Guard are affiliate links, and I earn a commission if you make a purchase, with no additional cost to you 🙂

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Introduction To The Cheapest/Budget Motorhomes

Obviously, if you are on a tight budget, you could be looking into the second-hand market.

That’s definitely an option to consider, but as I’ve previously discussed in my article on purchasing a used motorhome, you need to be very careful not to get scammed.

However, since a certain global crisis involving a virus, the demand for all leisure vehicles has gone up considerably.

Hence, a second-hand purchase may not be the best deal for you, and a new purchase may actually be the better option.

Now, motorhomes come in various different shapes and sizes and obviously various different numbers of beds/berths.

I’ve provided examples of the cheapest entry versions of each motorhome type, and you can use the links below to jump to that specific motorhome type/class within the article:

If you have no idea what I’m referring to with terms such as ‘Low-Profile’ and ‘A-Class’, I do have two articles on panel van conversions and the different motorhome classes.

However, as a quick explanation, I’ve included the video below from Caravan Guard, which should be useful.

Quickly learn about the different types of motorhome design: Video –

Cheapest Panel Van Motorhomes

The lowest cost entry into the world of motorhomes is a panel van conversion, the reason being there is simply less work/cost to turn the vehicle into a living space.

With coachbuilt motorhomes below, the coachbuilder has to fabricate the entire rear of the vehicle above the chassis.

As the living space of a panel van conversion is just a conversion of a commercial van, you do have a little less interior space than a similarly sized coachbuilt motorhome.

For instance, a panel van conversion is narrower, and you typically have less head height.

I’ve provided details and links to three examples of the cheapest panel van conversion motorhomes I’m currently aware of and a video below of the cheapest, the Laika Kosmo 5.4, starting at £51K.

The Laika Kosmo 5.4 is the cheapest motorhome I’m currently aware of, starting from £51,500

Cheapest Low Profile Motorhomes

So the next cheapest option after a panel van conversion is a low-profile coachbuilt motorhome.

I’ve previously written an article on how coachbuilt motorhomes are built where the coachbuilder receives the cab and chassis, and they do the rest.

The advantage compared to a panel van conversion is that first there is typically more height and width within the motorhome, but also it frees up a lot more layout options for the coachbuilder.

What I will say, though when it comes to towing with a motorhome, if that’s something you’re interested in, particularly for budget/entry-level motorhomes for the money, you will typically find a panel van conversion may have the higher towing capacity.

The Elddis Autoquest 115 is the cheapest low profile coachbuilt motorhome I’m currently aware of

Cheapest Over-Cab Motorhomes

While there are some motorhomes based on the over-cab design that use that space for additional storage/cupboards, in most cases, that space over the cab is dedicated to providing additional sleeping space for two people.

That over-cab bed could be for a couple’s motorhome where you want to have a dedicated bed instead of converting a seating/dining area in the evening.

However, over-cab motorhomes are more typically associated as being family motorhomes providing 4 to 6-berth configurations.

The Roller Team Zefiro 675 is not only one of the cheapest over-cab motorhomes on the market it provides sleeping areas for 6 people

While the over-cab design can provide a very handy additional sleeping area, it does come with a couple of downsides which previous guests to Horton Common have discussed with me in the past.

For instance, the additional height of the over-cab can impact stability during crosswinds, especially when travelling at high speed.

Furthermore, the shape of the over-cab creates much more air resistance at speed-reducing MPG fuel efficiency.

Cheapest A-Class Motorhomes

Where an A-Class motorhome differs from the other coachbuilt motorhomes above is with an A-Class motorhome, the whole of the exterior of the vehicle will be coachbuilt. Hence that includes the cab itself.

What’s the benefit of an A-Class motorhome? Well, take the downside of the Over-Cab design, which I mentioned above, with regards to reduced MPG figures due to additional wind resistance.

Well, an A-Class motorhome is the most aerodynamic, therefore, for those who do a lot of miles, an A-Class can be far cheaper to run.

A quick look around the Carado I338, one of the cheapest A-Class motorhomes I’m currently aware of

An A-Class can still typically accommodate an over-cab bed for additional sleeping space, it just doesn’t protrude over the top of the cab.

Its obviously a better design for creating an additional sleeping area within a motorhome than the over-cab design, but that comes at a cost.

A-Class motorhomes are the most expensive motorhomes on the market. However, there are cheaper entry-level A-Class models, and I’ve provided three examples below.

How To Find The Cheapest Motorhomes Available

So above, I’ve provided three of the cheapest examples I know of for each different type/class of motorhome currently sold in the UK.

However, you may have different requirements, for instance, you may need more beds. So what is the easiest/quickest means to find a motorhome within your budget?

Well, you could browse each of the manufacturer’s websites and spend many hours (trust me on that) working out which of their models/specifications are actually the lowest cost.

However, there is another/better method, and that’s the Out&AboutLive Motorhome Database.

Motorhome Database
Click/tap the image above to open up the Motorhome database in a new window

So as you can see from the image above, you can use the database to search available motorhomes by their specific type/class, you can also narrow your search to a specific manufacturer or layout if you wish to.

The database results will show you the starting price of each model. What is frustrating is currently, you cannot order the list of results in order of price ascending or descending.

Therefore, it does make it more difficult to find the cheapest/budget option as you have to browse through multiple pages.

Use The Model Year Data For Second-Hand Motorhomes

Obviously, if you are looking for the cheapest motorhomes available, as discussed above, you may very well be looking on sites such as AutoTrader and eBay for used vehicles.

However, how do you know if the price for a particular model is a good deal or if its overpriced?

Well, the handy thing about the motorhome databases linked above is it contains models and price data going back to 2006.

Hence, you can then use the database to find out what a particular second-hand motorhome sold for when it was new.

Now, as I’ve said above, demand for motorhomes and all leisure vehicles is high at the moment, and so are prices. Hence, don’t be too surprised if used models are not as cheap as you might expect.

Conclusions On The Cheapest/Budget Motorhomes

Choosing to buy a motorhome is a big financial commitment for most people. Unless you’re into classic/luxury cars, a motorhome would likely be your largest purchase after your home.

Hence, its obviously understandable many people looking to purchase a motorhome are looking for a vehicle that can meet their needs at the lowest cost.

Well, after you have worked out how many beds/berths you need, you then need to work out if you want to opt for a panel van conversion, a low profile coachbuilt an over-cab motorhome or go all out and get an A-Class motorhome.

While I’ve provided some examples of the cheapest options for each type/class I’m aware of, I would very much encourage you to check out the motorhome database above whether you are looking to purchase a new or second-hand motorhome.

That’s it! Thanks for reading, I hope the above helps you to find the best motorhome that meets your needs and your budget.

Once you have got your motorhome, why not come and pay us a visit here at Horton Common 🙂

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