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There are some people who only visit club sites with toilet/shower facilities and have little to no interest in using the facilities onboard their caravan. At the other end of the spectrum, there are those that not only intend to use the onboard facilities in their caravan, and the size/layout of the washroom is a key consideration in their purchase. Therefore, this article is to appeal to the latter and to provide examples of caravans with the best end/rear washroom for various budgets. I’ll also separate the examples under different layouts, some with fixed beds and some without. Right then, let’s get into this!

Best Caravans With Rear Washroom
So what are the best caravans with a rear washroom for different sleeping configurations?

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Introduction To Rear Bathroom/Washroom Layouts

So to start, we should really discuss the benefits but also the compromises of the rear washroom layout on caravans.

The clearest benefit of a full-width rear washroom is it provides the largest and most private space to use the facilities.

For instance, caravan layouts where the toilet and shower are split in the middle of the caravan have their advantages where two people can use the separate facilities in private.

However, getting in and out of the shower is obviously not so private.

Hence, a full-width rear washroom layout can provide a very similar experience to how you would use the facilities at home. However, there are some compromises with the full-width rear washroom layout.

First off, as more space is dedicated to the washroom, it either means less space for the sleeping, dining and kitchen area, or the caravan ends up being longer and heavier to accommodate the rear washroom.

That being said, you can obviously get caravans under 1,500kg with a rear washroom, for example.

I’ve provided caravan examples below for a budget, mid-range and premium option with a rear washroom for the various caravan layouts listed below.

If you click the links below, the page will jump to that particular caravan layout. Enjoy! 🙂

No Fixed Bed Caravans With Rear Washroom

In this scenario, we are typically looking at two berth caravans with a front sitting area, mid-kitchen and washroom at the rear.

However, you can also get higher berth caravans with no fixed bed and a rear washroom that might have, say, a dinette that also converts into a bed, maybe even a bunk bed.

Now, while I’ve listed a ‘budget’ option below, please note this is not an article on the cheapest caravans.

Hence, the budget option is not the cheapest no fixed bed caravan available with a rear washroom. Below are examples of some of the best caravans available with a rear washroom.

A quick look around the Bailey Unicorn Madrid, one of the best caravans with a non-fixed bed layout and a rear washroom, with sleeping for four people

The three examples below step up in price and specification; however, they also step up in the number of berths. Starting with the two-berth Adria, then the three-berth Coachman and up to the four-berth Bailey.

No Fixed Bed/Rear Washroom Examples

Transverse Island Bed Caravans With Rear Washroom

If you want a caravan with a fixed double bed and a rear washroom, what you’re looking for is a transverse island bed layout.

Hence, the back of the bed is placed along the sidewall of the caravan. Access around the bed during the day to the rear bathroom is made easier as the bed can typically be pushed in.

The Buccaneer Cruiser is one of the biggest and best transverse island bed/rear washroom caravans on the market currently

Now, there are cheaper options with a transverse island bed and rear washroom than the Adria below.

However, when talking about the ‘best’ for its price and build quality compared to the other two options, I believe it fits the position.

As the ‘Premium Option’ I’ve referenced the Buccaneer Cruiser, which you may correctly guess due to its weight listed below is a twin axle.

However, the Cruiser is also an 8-foot wide caravan which can bring up a heated debate. However, when it comes to the most space and a high-quality fit and finish, it fits the role well as a premium option.

Transverse Island Bed/Rear Washroom Examples

  • Option 1: Adria Adora ISONZO, 4-Berth, MTPLM 1,750kg, starting price £34,295
  • Mid-Range Option: Bessacarr 580, 4-Berth, MTPLM 1,800kg, starting price £39,495
  • Premium Option: Buccaneer Cruiser, 4-Berth, MTPLM 1,925kg, starting price £46,349

Fixed Single Bed Caravans With Rear Washroom

In this layout configuration, you will have the lounge area at the front of the caravan, which can be converted into a bed in the evening.

However, there will also be two single beds on either side of the caravan before the washroom at the rear.

Therefore, this layout can work well as a couples caravan where individual sleeping areas are required. Alternatively, it could also be a layout that works well as a four-berth family van.

As shown by this 2015 review, the Swift Conqueror 565 has been a solid mid-range option for many years when it comes to the twin bed/rear washroom layout

While the budget and mid-range examples I’ve included below are pretty typical options from Coachman and Swift, I thought I’d go a bit more niche with the premium option and pick the Vanmaster V580 TB.

We have a couple of guests with Vanmaster’s, and the build quality is well worthy of a premium option distinction. Then again, so is the price.

However, according to Vanmaster, 800 hours go into a caravan’s manufacture, emphasising the attention to detail these vans are made to.

Fixed Single Bed/Rear Washroom Examples

Bunk Bed Caravans With Rear Washroom

If you have a large family and you need a caravan with a 5 to 6-berth layout, you’re going to require bunk beds.

It is possible to get a bunk bed layout with a rear washroom on a single-axle chassis (see Bailey 650+ below).

However, typically it will require a twin-axle chassis, as is the case with the other two options below.

The Coachman Acadia 630 Xtra is one of the best examples of a bunk bed/rear washroom layout

Both the mid-range and premium examples below from Coachman and Buccaneer have premium features such as Alde wet central heating, as you would and should expect of caravans in this price bracket.

If you don’t need the additional berth of the Buccaneer Aruba when it comes to rear washroom space, the Coachman Arcadia 630 Xtra, as seen in the video above, is the better option.

On the Buccaneer, a rear double bed means the washroom is not full width and, as a result, gives you less space than within the Coachman.

Bunk Bed/Rear Washroom Examples

Conclusions On The Best Caravans With Rear Washrooms

So if a rear washroom layout is a key priority on your list of features when choosing a new caravan, at least one of the options above should appeal to you if you are looking for the best/highest specification models currently available.

You will not have failed to have noticed that as the price of the various options increases from the budget to mid-range and, finally, the premium option, so does the weight/MTPLM of the caravan in question. More spec means more weight due to more equipment and better quality materials.

Therefore, unless you are willing to change your tow car, first, you need to know the towing capacity of your car and obviously choose a caravan that fits within its capabilities.

That’s it! I hope you found the above on the best caravans of various sleeping configurations with a rear washroom interesting/useful.

Once you are set up with your new caravan, why not come and pay us a visit here at Horton Common. 🙂

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