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In my article on the best caravans for couples, I discuss the question of going for a fixed bed layout and, if so, which layout to choose. While with motorhomes, there is still the question of if you want to opt for a fixed bed layout, with motorhomes, the use case is different. With many of the couples in motorhomes that visit us here at Horton Common, access and manoeuvrability in their motorhome are very important to them. For instance, its much easier to take a smaller/shorter motorhome on road trips with less stress about the journey itself and getting stuck down narrow lines etc, and driving around towns/cities.

Best Motorhomes For Couples
What makes the best motorhome for a couple, and is there a motorhome design you should avoid?

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Just to clarify, this article is specifically discussing motorhomes for couples, hence vehicles that feature a dedicated space for onboard facilities (toilet/shower).

If onboard facilities are not a key priority for you and a port-potti would be fine for your requirements, you might be better served with my article on the best campervans.

If you want to cover large distances and go into town/city centres a campervan maybe indeed be your best option.

However, if you do want a motorhome with onboard facilities but you still want to get down narrow streets etc, then my article on the best small motorhomes might be more appropriate.

If your budget is a key concern after reading this article discussing the pros and cons of different motorhome types for couples, you might want to check out my article on the best cheap motorhomes, where I provide three examples for each class/type of motorhome.

Introduction To The Best Motorhomes For Couples

All campervans/motorhomes are at least two-berth hence suitable for a couple.

As discussed above, if the size of the vehicle is important to you, I’ve linked above to my articles on the smallest campervans and motorhomes. They will be panel van conversions of commercial vehicles and can indeed suit many people’s needs.

However, in this article, we are discussing the ‘best’ motorhomes for couples.

Therefore what we’re going to look at below are various coachbuilt motorhomes with fixed bed layouts and better wet room setups than you find in the smallest/cheapest motorhomes.

What I do want to discuss first though, when it comes to a couple’s motorhome, is a design I would encourage you to avoid, and that’s over-cab motorhomes.

Over-Cab Motorhomes Are Not Ideal For Couples

As you probably know or have worked out, the description of an over-cab motorhome refers to a coachbuilt motorhome where there is a projection of the living space over the cab of the vehicle.

This space is typically used as a fixed double bed sleeping area.

In fact, an over-cab design is one of the most affordable means to have a dedicated sleeping area in a motorhome.

Therefore, you may be confused why I would recommend against picking such a motorhome design for a couple’s motorhome?

Over-cab Motorhomes
Even though its the most affordable means to get a dedicated bed in a motorhome, I would recommend against an overcab design for a couples motorhome: Images –

After talking to many guests of Horton Common over the years who own over-cab motorhomes, I know they do have two specific disadvantages.

First, the additional height on the side profile of the vehicle acts like a sail during high-speed crosswinds and has caused our guests concerns when travelling on fast A-roads and motorways.

Secondly, at the front of the vehicle, as you can tell by the images above, the over-cab projection also acts as a sail and gives the motorhome a really poor aerodynamic profile.

Hence, again when travelling at speed, additional air resistance can apparently significantly reduce MPG figures compared to a low-profile or A-Class motorhome.

Now, I have guests who have large families, and they basically had to choose an over-cab motorhome. It was their only means to get enough beds in a motorhome and within their budget.

However, for a couples motorhome where additional beds are not essential, its therefore not a motorhome design I would recommend.

Best Low-Profile Fixed Bed Motorhomes For Couples

Right, so if we’re looking at a fixed bed motorhome and its not an over-cab design, the next option is a low-profile coachbuilt motorhome.

Below I’ve provided three examples, budget, mid-range and luxury options.

Budget Option: Bailey Autograph 74-2

Based on a Peugeot cab, the Bailey Autograph is a longer motorhome than the Rapido 656F above, coming in at 7.37m.

It features a similar design to a fixed corner read bed and rear corner washroom. However, the additional length provides for a separate toilet and shower.

A quick look around the Bailey Autograph 74-2 with a fixed bed and rear corner washroom with a separate toilet and shower

Another feature that shows the Bailey is of a higher specification compared to the Rapido is the inclusion of Alde wet heating, which for a motorhome, as I discuss in my linked article, makes a lot of sense.

As the Alde system can recover waste heat from the engine into the heating system for the motorhome.

  • Bailey Autograph 74-2
  • Length = 7.37m
  • 4 Berth
  • Fixed rear corner bed
  • Separate toilet/shower
  • Starting price £82K

Mid-Range Option: Rapido Series 686F

This Rapido is based on the ever-popular Fiat Ducato chassis for budget motorhomes with a 2.2L diesel engine providing 140bhp.

The layout is a fixed center rear bed measuring 150 x 194cm. There is a small bit of access to get around the side of the bed, but really it looks pretty tight to do so.

A quick look around the Rapido 686F, a worthy consideration for a budget couples motorhome

The toilet and shower are separate, which obviously has its benefits, and they are located in the middle of the motorhome between the kitchen and the rear bedroom.

  • Rapido 686F
  • Length = 7.20m
  • 4 Berth
  • Fixed rear bed
  • Separate toilet/shower
  • Starting price £86K

Luxury Option – Auto-Sleepers Burford

Here we have a high-end example of a couple’s motorhome, the Auto-Sleepers Burford, based on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis.

With a length of 7.92m, there is sufficient space for a fixed corner rear bed and a full-width rear washroom with a separate toilet and shower.

A quick look around the Auto-Sleepers Burford, a true luxury couples motorhome

It really is impressive how much space there is within this motorhome, as it only has a single rear axle. Typically this amount of space would be found on a tag axle (double rear axle) motorhome.

The Burford is finished to a very high standard, as you should expect for north of £100K.

  • Auto-Sleepers Burford
  • Length = 7.92m
  • 4 Berth
  • Fixed rear corner bed
  • Rear washroom with separate toilet/shower
  • Starting price £102K

Best A-Class Motorhomes For Couples

If you’re not aware of what an A-Class motorhome is, its simply where the entire exterior of the motorhome is coachbuilt, including the cab at the front of the motorhome.

The advantage is an aerodynamic profile that can still provide a dedicated bed over the driver/passenger seat.

Budget Option – Knaus 550MD

As an A-Class motorhome is a full coachbuilt, they are typically more expensive than other types of motorhomes.

However, that’s not always the case, such as this example, the Knaus 550MD. Its a worthy consideration as a budget couples A-Class motorhome with rear fixed double bed and mid-washroom.

A quick look around the Knaus 550MD, a budget and compact A-Class motorhome

The Knaus 550DM is also a very compact A-Class motorhome with a total length of just 5.96m! Now, that compact size does mean there is an inevitable compromise when it comes to the washroom, as you don’t get a separate toilet and shower area.

  • Knaus 550MD
  • Length = 5.96m
  • 4 Berth
  • Fixed rear double bed
  • Mid washroom with combined toilet/shower
  • Starting price £71K

Mid-Range Option – Pilote G781FC

If you can stretch your budget by about another ten grand, you can opt for a much more spacious layout such as that provided by this Pilote G781FC.

It features a rear-fixed bed/mid-washroom like the cheaper Knaus above. However, the additional length of this motorhome provides for a better configuration.

A quick look around the Pilote integrated (A-Class) range, a solid option as a mid-range couples A-Class motorhome

The Pilote G781FC features a central rear island bed therefore, its much easier to get in and out of bed compared to the Knaus above.

Also, the mid-washroom is split, with the toilet/sink on one side and the shower on the other side of the van. Altogether it forms a much more practical layout, but obviously at a cost.

  • Pilote G781FC
  • Length = 7.89m
  • 4 Berth
  • Fixed island bed
  • Mid washroom with separate toilet/shower
  • Starting price £85K

Luxury Option – Adria Sonic Supreme 700 DC

There are a lot of high-end A-Class motorhomes I could have referenced here.

However, we have a couple of guests who turn up to Horton Common in A-Class Adria motorhomes, and I’ve been very impressed with them.

Therefore, for the luxury option, here is the Adria Sonic Supreme 700DC

A look around the Adria Sonic Supreme 700 DC is a prime example of a luxury couple’s motorhome

The Sonic Supreme 700 DC features a similar layout to the Pilote above of a fixed rear island bed and separated mid-washroom with a toilet/sink on one side and the shower.

However, the Adria Sonic is a step above the Pilote when it comes to fit, finish and materials.

  • Adria Sonic Supreme 700 DC
  • Length = 7.48m
  • 4 Berth
  • Fixed island bed
  • Mid washroom with separate toilet/shower
  • Starting price £118K

Conclusions On The Best Motorhomes For Couples

Over the years of discussions with our guests who are couples travelling in motorhomes, I’ve learnt a few things.

First off, many of our guests have discussed their preference for a fixed bed layout as they generally feel it provides a more practical layout where their partner can go to sleep without having to convert the sitting area etc.

Furthermore, while it may be the cheapest means to get a dedicated bed in a motorhome, avoid an over-cab motorhome.

I’ve heard on several occasions now from guests who owned over-cab motorhomes and changed to a different motorhome type due to the instability concerns and low MPG figures from their over-cab motorhomes.

Therefore, when it comes to a fixed bed layout, you have the option of a low-profile coachbuilt or an A-Class coachbuilt motorhome.

Generally speaking, the A-Class will be the more expensive/premium option. However, if you don’t want a Fiat Ducato and want, say, a Ford/Mercedes base vehicle, then you will have more luck with a low-profile van.

That’s it! Thanks for reading. I hope the above has given you some ideas on your available options to pick up your ideal couple’s motorhome.

Once you have it sorted, by all means, come and pay us a visit here at Horton Common 🙂

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