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I’ve previously written about the best cheap motorhomes, so it only makes sense to produce a similar article for caravans. I’ll also follow a similar format for this article, where I’ll provide three of the cheapest examples I’m aware of for the various different types of caravans. For instance, starting with small 2-berth units up through larger models with fixed beds, rear washrooms, twin-axles and 8-foot wide caravans. Within each section of cheap caravan examples, I’ll provide a brief summary of why you might want to consider that particular type of caravan. Right then, let’s get into this and find you a bargain!

Best Cheap Caravans
Below we’ll look at the best examples of the cheapest small and large single-axle, twin-axle and 8-foot-wide caravans

First though, when choosing a caravan you obviously have to consider your tow car.

If you already own the car, you need to research its towing capabilities carefully to find out not only what its towing capacity is but also its maximum nose weight limit.

If you are still looking for a suitable tow car then you have a lot of things to consider.

I’ve previously written about the pros and cons of 2WD vs 4WD tow cars and also whether a diesel, petrol or electric tow car is going to be your best choice.

Now, up until very recently, I’d also be telling you to check your driving licence, as you may need to take a B+E test to be able to tow a certain caravan/tow car combination.

However, the government has now removed the B+E test requirement. You can read more about the rule changes here.

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Introduction To The Cheapest/Budget Caravans

Besides your budget and tow car, when it comes to choosing the best caravan to suit your needs, you obviously have to think about how many beds/berths you will need.

Therefore, as part of the cheapest examples of each type of caravan I’ve listed below, I’ve included the number of beds each unit has.

There are other factors you need to consider. For example, in my article on the best caravans for couples, I discussed the various fixed bed options but also, is a fixed bed a key priority?

While a fixed bed is a nice feature to have it obviously leads to a longer, heavier and obviously more expensive caravan.

If you don’t have the time to read this entire article and you know one of the above caravan types will best suit your needs, you can click the above links to jump to that section of the article.

Please bear in mind the prices stated below for the various examples are starting prices, and as soon as you start to add on optional extras (motor movers, for example), in some cases, the price can start to rise quickly.

Cheapest Small Caravans

Right, so the term ‘small caravan’ is obviously very subjective. My interpretation of a small caravan may not be your interpretation.

Therefore for this section, we’ll discuss the smallest caravans on the market, which I’ve previously discussed in two articles on teardrop caravans and small caravans (linked below).

Cheap Teardrop and Small Caravans
While both of these types of caravans could be described as ‘small’, they have very different use cases: Images – &

In the image above, on the left is a typical teardrop caravan. However, they are also commonly referred to as camping trailers. Inside is just a bed, and the rear opens up to provide kitchen facilities.

Hence, note there is obviously no dedicated toilet/shower. However, there is also no space to practically use a porta-potty.

The image on the right is a typical example (Bailey Discovery) of what I would regard as a true small caravan with a dedicated space for onboard facilities (toilet and shower).

Obviously larger (and more expensive) than a teardrop, but it also offers a more complete living space.

You can click the links above to read more about your options for each of the different types of small caravans.

Below I’ll just quickly provide three of the cheapest example for each type of small caravan I’m currently aware of.

Cheapest Teardrop Caravan Examples

A quick video on the Carapod Impulse (now Henki) teardrop caravan (camping trailer)

Cheapest Small Caravan (Toilet/Shower) Examples

  • Example 1: Xplore 304, 4 Berth, MIRO 866kg, MTPLM 1100kg, starting price £19,299
  • Example 2: Bailey Discovery D4-2, 2 Berth, MIRO 884kg, MTPLM 995kg, starting price £19,999
  • Example 3: Swift Basecamp 2, 2 Berth, MIRO 932kg, MTPLM 1,043kg, starting price £23,995
Andrew Ditton and his very thorough review of the Bailey Discovery D4-2

Cheapest Fixed Bed Caravans

So now let’s have a look at the cheapest caravans available with a fixed bed. As stated above, a fixed bed naturally means a longer, heavier and more expensive caravan.

However, for practical reasons, there are obviously benefits to a fixed bed layout, but there are also several different layouts to choose from.

Do you want a transverse island bed, corner bed, fixed single bed or a rear island bed?

Each of the fixed bed layouts has its pros and cons, which I’ve previously discussed in my article on caravan layouts. Hence, I won’t go into that now.

Below, I’ve provided three of the cheapest caravans that I know of for each of the fixed-bed layout options.

Cheapest Caravans With Transverse Island Bed

  • Example 1: Xplore 554, 4 Berth, MIRO 1149kg, MTPLM 1400kg, starting price £23,195
  • Example 2: Swift Sprite Major 4 SB, 4 Berth, MIRO 1286kg, MTPLM 1442kg, starting price £22,295
  • Example 3: Bailey Phoenix+ 644, 4 Berth, MIRO 1240kg, MTPLM 1395kg, starting price £24,495
A quick review of the 2017 Xplore 554, the cheapest caravan with a transverse island bed

Cheapest Caravans With Fixed Corner Bed

A quick look around the Swift Sprite Alpine 4, the cheapest caravan with a fixed corner bed

Cheapest Caravans With Fixed Single Beds

  • Example 1: Xplore 585, 5 Berth, MIRO 1225kg, MTPLM 1500kg, starting price £23,749
  • Example 2: Swift Sprite Major 6 TD, 6 Berth, MIRO 1352kg, MTPLM 1528kg, starting price £22,295
  • Example 3: Bailey Phoenix+ 642, 4 Berth, MIRO 1255kg, MTPLM 1410kg, starting price £24,499
A quick review of the Bailey Phoenix 642, one of the cheapest caravans with fixed single beds

Cheapest Caravans With Rear Island Beds

A review of the Swift Sprite Major 4 EB from 2016 which is still today the cheapest caravan with a rear island bed

Cheapest Rear Washroom Caravans

Now, whether you are looking at a small caravan where the sitting area is converted into a bed each evening or a fixed bed layout, there is a layout configuration that I know many of our guests here at Horton Common are fans of, a rear washroom.

The benefits of a rear washroom are that it provides you with the most space available to use the facilities, and its also the layout where you will typically find the largest showers too.

Therefore, if you intend to visit caravan sites without toilet/shower facilities on site, I would encourage you to seriously consider a rear washroom layout.

I also have a separate article on the best caravans with a rear washroom if you’re interested.

A quick look around the Swift Sprite Alpine 2, the cheapest caravan with a full rear washroom

Cheapest Twin Axle Caravans

Twin axle caravans are naturally heavier as they are fitted with an additional axle, and they are, therefore, more expensive on average compared to a single axle caravan.

Therefore, in this article about the ‘cheapest caravans’, would I even bring up the option of a twin axle caravan?

Well, as I’ve discussed previously in my article on single vs twin axle caravans, twin-axle caravans are more stable when it comes to towing.

Therefore, if you are interested in a large caravan with a fixed bed layout or a rear washroom on a twin axle chassis, those layouts do benefit when it comes to towing stability.

Also, if you have a lot of ‘stuff’ to take with you, then the additional payload capacity of twin axle caravans can come in handy.

Therefore, I’ve provided three examples below of the cheapest twin-axle caravans currently available.

A 2016 review of the Swift Sprite Quattro EW, still the cheapest twin-axle caravan on the market today

Cheapest 8-Foot Wide Caravans

You may not know this, but most caravans currently on UK roads have a width of around 2,200cm or 7’3″. Well, you can also get caravans from some manufacturers which are wider, around 2,450cm or 8’0″.

The additional space can obviously make it easier to navigate around the caravan, past a transverse island bed for instance.

Now, that additional 250cm between a 7’3″ and 8’0″ caravan may not sound like a significant difference to some people.

However, within the caravanning community, as I’ve discussed in my article on 8 foot wide caravans, it can stir up some pretty feisty debate.

Therefore, I would encourage you to read my linked article above to come to a conclusion on whether you feel an 8ft wide caravan is really going to be your best option.

If so, I’ve provided three options below of the cheapest 8ft wide caravans currently on the market.

An overview of the Bailey Pegasus Grande range of 8ft wide caravans launched in 2018

Conclusion On The Best Cheap/Budget Caravans

Through browsing the various caravan layout/size options above, you should be able to work out what’s going to best suit your needs and your tow car’s capabilities using the above MIRO and MTPLM figures.

For instance, I also have an article on the best caravans with an MTPLM under 1,500kg. However, what’s going to work best for your wallet/purse is another question.

Granted, you may be looking for the cheapest second-hand caravan instead of a new model. As shown above, several of these budget caravan models have been around for quite a few years.

Therefore, you may be able to pick up a good second-hand model if you’re lucky.

However, the current reality is caravans and leisure vehicles, in general, are in high demand at the moment since a certain virus messed up overseas travel.

Hence, second-hand prices are up, and the supply of new caravans is also pretty limited.

That’s it! I hope you found the above examples of various cheap/budget caravans useful. Once you have got your caravan, please consider coming to pay us a visit here at Horton Common 🙂

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