Caravan & Motorhome Water Filters In 2023 – Best Options?

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The water system in a caravan or motorhome does require maintenance and cleaning from time to time. I’ve previously written posts about why a tap may stop working and how to sterilise the water system. In each of those posts, I briefly discuss the different types of water pumps used in caravans and motorhomes. However, in those posts, I didn’t really discuss water filters. Such as the different types of water filters and if you really need them. So caravan and motorhome water filters are the topic of this post. Some caravans and motorhomes come with water filtration units built in, which just require a change of filter. However, there are also aftermarket and retro water filter kits. You can install these kits into your caravan or motorhome if you want to improve water quality.

There is a wide range of caravan water filters on the market, but which ones do you need?: Image –

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Caravan water filters are for the benefit of the water pump and for the benefit of the user.

In other words, water filters are to stop particles such as small stones/grit and other dirt from getting into the pump and causing damage.

Water filters are also for users to benefit from by improving the safety and taste of the water.

While I have on occasion discussed caravan water filters with our guests in the past, I also learnt a lot from my own projects. For instance, I’m going to be installing a rainwater harvesting system at my home.

Therefore I wanted to explore what it would take to filter and sterilise that water for human consumption.

That taught me a lot about filters, and some of that knowledge is applicable to the types of water filters fitted to caravans and motorhomes.

If you have the time to read this whole post great, if not, please use the links in the Table of Contents below to jump to a particular section. Enjoy 🙂

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Caravan & Motorhome Water Filters Introduction

Where possible, I generally like to start my posts with a ‘good’ video. It saves me the effort of typing 🙂 , secondly its just a much quicker way of absorbing information.

In the video below, John from Practical Caravan gives a good quick general presentation on the topic of caravan water filters.

That will provide you with a good foundation to understand the different types of caravan water filters I’m going to discuss in more detail below:

John discusses the different types of pumps and water filters found on caravans and motorhomes.

OnBoard & Submersible Water Pumps/Filters

So as John references in the video, there are two types of water pumps fitted to caravans and motorhomes, submersible pumps and onboard (diaphragm) pumps.

A submersible water pump literally drops into your Aquaroll. With an onboard diaphragm pump, a pipe goes into your Aquaroll with what would appear to be a small pump, however its actually just a filter.

As John states in the video, onboard diaphragm pumps do not want grit to get inside them, it can damage and even tear the rubber diaphragm.

This will lead to a loss of pressure and even potential water leaks.

The Whale Watermaster is a typical example of an onboard diaphragm water pump. Found on some premium caravans and many motorhomes: Image –

Before you can work out what type of caravan water filter you need/want to buy, you first have to work out what type of water pump you have.

As John states in the video, most caravans will have a submersible water pump. This will either be made by Truma or Whale.

Truma submersible water pumps normally come with the caravan from the factory. However, if your caravan is second hand, the previous owner may have swapped to a Whale submersible pump.

Most of our guests with caravans are currently using the Truma Ultraflow submersible water pump: Image –

There are some caravans with onboard diaphragm pumps, they are generally more powerful/expensive than submersible pumps.

Hence, they are normally only found on premium caravans, again, unless a previous owner chose to complete an upgrade.

Most motorhome water systems feature onboard diagram pumps, the reason being most motorhomes have onboard water tanks.

On-Board Diagraphm Water Filters

So if your caravan or motorhome has an onboard diaphragm water pump such as the Whale Watermaster, as seen in the image above, you need a particulate water filter.

This will be fitted as the end of the flexible water pipe that goes into the Aquaroll.

If your caravan or motorhome is fitted with the Whale Watermaster onboard water pump, you will need to use the Whale WF3000 Aquasmart Water Filter, as seen in the image below:

Whale WF3000 Aquasmart Water Filter

If you have an onboard diaphragm Whale Watermaster pump you need to fit the WF3000 water filter on the end of the pipe that goes into your Aquaroll: Image –

The WF3000 Aquasmart water filter from Whale is what’s called a carbon filter. It contains what’s called ‘activated carbon’, another way to describe what that actually means is it contains charcoal.

Yes, that’s right, the stuff you use on a BBQ. I have an activated carbon filter at home that’s made from coconut husks.

I have no idea why, it must make pretty good activated carbon. Anyway, how activated carbon works as a water filter is it contains lots and lots of tiny microscopic pockets.

As the water passes through the activated carbon, these pockets capture particulates (dirt) and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

That makes the water safe to drink, tastes better, and it also keeps the pump happy.

How Long Does The Whale WF3000 Aquasmart Water Filter Last?

Well, if we go back to my activated carbon pocket analogy, eventually, with enough water passing over the filter and enough contaminants, those pockets become full.

Hence, the water passes through the water filter, but its not actually doing any filtering. If you have a look again at the image of the Whale WF3000 Aquasmart water filter, it states:

“Replace the filter after 30 days to ensure fresh tasting water and to avoid pump damage.” – Whale Pumps

Now, its important to read that sentence in context. Its 30 days of use, not just every 30 days. Hence, you’re not going to be purchasing twelve WF3000 water filters a year.

Also, the 3000 in WF3000 stands for the number of litres of water the filter can process before it’s fully saturated with contaminants.

Therefore, a brimmed Aquaroll holds 40 litres of water. Hence, the WF3000 water filter can process 75 full Aquarolls of water.

Trying to keep track of how many full Aqurolls you have used before the filter needs replacing can be a tricky challenge.

Therefore, some caravanners just choose to change their WF3000 water filter based on set dates depending on their usage.

Its rare that would actually be 30 days unless, obviously, you have used the caravan constantly for 30 days.

However, even then, 75 full Aquarolls over 30 days is 2.5 full Aquarolls a day. On average, I would estimate most of our caravanners would use one or maybe two full Aquarolls a day.

However, many of our guests take full advantage of our fully serviced pitches with mains water hook up. So really, they have no idea how much water they are using.

Whale WF1530 & WF1230 Aqua Source Carbon Water Filters

So as mentioned previously by John in the video and myself in the text above, onboard diaphragm pumps are usually fitted to motorhomes.

Motorhomes also generally have an onboard water tank. Well, to filter the water coming from that onboard tank, Whale also offers the WF1530 and WF1230 Aqua Souce Carbon water filters.

They use activated carbon just in the same manner as the WF3000 water filter. However, they have pipe fittings on either end of the water filter.

Hence the WF1530 is an ‘inline’ water filter, generally fitted under the tap in the kitchen of your caravan or motorhome.

The WF1530 and WF1230 are inline carbon water filters which are typically fitted under the sink in your caravan or motorhome: Image –

Now, the WF1530 is suitable for 15mm water pipes, they also have the WF1230, which is suitable for 12mm water pipes.

So before you purchase an inline water filter, make sure you know what diameter of water pipe you have going to your kitchen tap.

Submersible Pump Water Filters

Many caravans don’t actually have any form of water filtration. Many caravanners don’t drink the water that comes through the taps on their caravan.

Its the reason why on our fully serviced pitches, I included two taps. One for the permanent water connection to the Aquaroll and the second tap to fill up drinking water containers.

However, some caravans do have a water filter fitted, and its in the form of the Truma Ultraflow, as seen in the image below.

If you don’t have this filter housing currently on your caravan, you can purchase this housing as a retrofit.

If your caravan is not already fitted with the Truma Ultraflow filter housing you can purchase it as a retrofit: Image –

I have found a video from Truma on how they advise users to operate and maintain the Truma Ultraflow filter kit.

Its very similar to the advice of Whale and their activated carbon filters, with a recommendation of a 30-day replacement schedule. Again, take that with a ‘pinch of salt’ based on your usage.

This is the official video from Truma on how to use the Ultraflow water filter housing when replacing water filters.

So, what sort of cartridge water filters can you get for the Truma Ultraflow? Well, there is a couple, there are the ‘official’ water filter cartridges from Truma, and there are also some aftermarket cartridges.

Its always a bit risky with aftermarket products. Sometimes you get a great product that’s a good value for money, other times, it doesn’t fit properly etc.

Official Truma Ultraflow/Crystal II Carbon Filters

Where it can get a little bit confusing is before the Truma Ultraflow housing, there was the Crystal II Filter Housing System.

Now, if you have the Crystal II filter housing, the carbon cartridge water filters are a little different. They do exactly the same job.

But you need to make sure you purchase the right water filter cartridges for your caravan.

As is often the case, the easiest way to make sure is to remove your current water filter from the caravan and compare it to the images below:

Bestseller No. 1
  • Model number 5031680870060.
  • Truma ultraflow ersatzfilter
  • Truma ultraflow ersatzfilter
Bestseller No. 1

Filtapac Reusable Water Filter Cartridge

So, with the official Truma water filters fitted into the Truma Crystal filter housing, there is quite a large plastic housing that is also thrown away.

Now, that’s not exactly environmentally responsible. So Filtapac started to offer a reusable filter cartridge where you can purchase replacement pouches of activated carbon.

The cost of the Filtapac reusable water filter housing is cheaper than the official Truma water filter cartridges.

Then from that point forward, the replacement activated carbon pouches are significantly cheaper than a new official Truma Crystal II water filter.

If your caravan has the older Truma Crystal II water filter housing you could consider the Filtapac reusable water filter cartridge: Image –

Now, its important to note you cannot use this Filtapac replacement water filter cartridge with the newer Truma Ultraflow housing.

It does make you wonder if Truma changed from the Crystal II to the Ultraflow, as they were losing revenue on filter replacements.

Anyway, at some point, I’m sure Filtapac will end up producing their own version of the Ultrafow carbon water filter.

Conclusions On Water Filters For Caravans & Motorhomes

It is important to note that none of the activated carbon water filters referenced above will remove bacteria from the water.

Now, in almost all scenarios, caravanners and motorhomes are using mains water. Mains water contains a small amount of chlorine (0.5 mg/l or less) as a disinfectant.

Therefore, you shouldn’t really be experiencing issues with bacteria. If you were contemplating using water from a none mains water source and you wanted to kill bacteria in the water, besides boiling all the water, you would need to fit an inline UV filter.

However, every caravanner and motorhome user should have a tub of Puriclean, which they use at least once a season to thoroughly clean and sterilise their Aquarol and water system.

I hope you found the above information on caravan water filters useful and that you found the information you were looking for.

I also hope you consider coming to visit us here at Horton Common in the near future. 🙂


When a caravan/motorhome is serviced, do they change the water filter?

Generally, no, unless you are going for some sort of ‘premium’ offering, during caravan servicing, the water system and filters will not be changed.

My Whale WF3000 Aquasmart Water Filter floats in my Aquaroll, what can I do?

Yes, this is a problem several of our guests have experienced. You can get solid pipe ‘guides’, which the flexible pipe is fed through before it goes into the Aquaroll. Therefore the WF3000 water filter cannot float out of the water to the top of the Aquaroll.

Can water filters affect water pressure?

Yes, if you fit a large aftermarket water filter, which your water pump was not designed for, this can lead to problems with water pressure. Water has to be forced through a filter, hence it creates resistance. Therefore the pump needs to be powerful enough to push the water through the filter. If you do wish to install an aftermarket water filter, you do need to be careful that you are not putting too much load on the water pump.

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