What Are The Best Caravan Wheel Locks/Clamps?

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Caravan security should be an important consideration for any caravanner. At Horton Common, we have a word lock to gain access to the caravan site. However, some guests do also bring wheel clamps, caravan hitch locks and leg locks for additional peace of mind. Some also have additional caravan door locks fitted. In many cases, our guests fit caravan wheel clamps to comply with their insurance terms and conditions. Some insurers provide discounts if a caravan wheel lock is fitted. But do insurance companies allow any wheel lock to be used? Well, in some cases, no. Hence, that’s the topic of this article discussing what your options are and what your insurance company will be happy with.

So what are the best caravan wheel clamps currently available? – Image: Amazon.co.uk

With this post, I thought I would run through some of the most popular caravan wheel clamps I see fitted to our guest’s caravans.

I’ll also discuss some of the drawbacks of some caravan wheel locks. First, we will discuss a caravan wheel clamp that may already be fitted to your caravan, and you didn’t even know it.

However, you can also use the Table of Contents below to skip to specific sections of this post.

This is quite a long post on caravan wheel clamps and locks, therefore please feel free to use the Table of Contents below to skip to any particular products.

Disclaimer: Hey! By the way… any links on this page that lead to products on Amazon or Caravan Guard are affiliate links, and I earn a commission if you make a purchase, with no additional cost to you 🙂

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AL-KO Compact Secure Wheel Clamp

Many caravans today are based on an AL-KO chassis. If your caravan was made after 2005 and based on an AL-KO chassis, the AL-KO caravan wheel clamp would probably fit.

Many new caravans sold today actually come with an AL-KO wheel clamp fitted. So before you go out and buy a new caravan wheel clamp, check that an AL-KO wheel clamp has not already been installed.

The AL-KO caravan wheel clamp is secured to the chassis of the caravan and fits between the spokes on the caravan’s wheels: Image – Amazon.co.uk

You can easily check by looking behind the caravan wheels. If you see a yellow cap cover between the wheel spokes, this is the entry point for the AL-KO wheel lock.

The AL-KO Wheel Clamp & Caravan Insurance

Some caravan insurers will have mandatory policy requirements that certain security features are fitted. This can include wheel clamps, hitch locks, alarms and trackers.

Some insurers do not have mandatory requirements but provide discounts for the more security features fitted.

Therefore it’s worth discussing caravan wheel clamps with your insurer to understand their terms and conditions.

IMPORTANT: I have heard from some of my guests that when it comes to the AL-KO wheel clamp and insurance, there can be a specific requirement to fit the lock to BOTH wheels.

Therefore again, this just serves as another example of why you need to be absolutely confident about what the terms of your insurance are.

Sold Secure Diamond Standard

The AL-KO caravan wheel clamp is currently the only product on the market that I’m aware of rated to the Diamond standard by Sold Secure.

Sold Secure was established by the Northumbria and Essex police service in 1992 to test security products for their effectiveness.

While Sold Secure is no longer a part of the police service, they work closely with various constabularies and insurers.

Sold Secure AL-KO caravan wheel clamp
Sold Secure rated the AL-KO caravan wheel clamp to their highest Diamond Standard.

AL-KO Caravan Wheel Clamp Features

  • Diamond Standard as rated by Sold Secure
  • 2 Year warranty
  • Wheel fitment: Alloy wheel specific, various models are available to suit 14″ & 15″ alloy wheels
  • Weight: 3.55kg
How the AL-KO wheel clamp fits to the caravans chassis
This diagram shows how the AL-KO wheel clamp fits the caravans chassis – Image: AL-KO.co.uk

Fitting The AL-KO Wheel Clamp

Below is the official video from AL-KO on how a caravanner should fit the wheel clamp. It shows the process for both single and double-axle caravans. There are also a few tips on aliment and maintenance.

This is the official video from AL-KO on installing their caravan wheel clamp on single and double-axle caravans.

So, as you will have noticed, the video shows that for a double-axle caravan, there is a requirement to use a caravan jack.

The reason is that while it’s possible to move the first wheel into aliment on the ground, the lock will probably not line up with the gap in the spokes on the second wheel.

Therefore once the first lock has been installed, the caravan needs to be jacked off the ground to rotate and align the wheel on the second axle.

The practicality of jacking up a caravan depends on the age and ability of each caravaner. Furthermore, it also depends on ground conditions.

While our guests manage fine with our hard standing fully serviced pitches, if you’re on a grass pitch at another site, there could be issues.

There is also another issue with the AL-KO caravan wheel clamp, which I discuss below.

Levelling A Caravan & The AL-KO Wheel Clamp

When it comes to levelling a caravan, you are going to have to drive one side of the caravan up onto a levelling ramp. You can either use your tow car or your caravan motor mover if fitted.

You will move the caravan up onto the ramp until the axle is level. However, this can lead to a problem fitting the AL-KO wheel clamp lock.

You may experience issues with the AL-KO caravan wheel lock and levelling ramps: Image – Amazon.co.uk

The problem is, your axle being level will almost never line up perfectively with the gap in the wheel spokes to fit the AL-KO wheel clamp.

I’ve observed many guests fit their AL-KO wheel clamps, and trust me, if it’s not perfectly in line, you will not be able to fit the security bolt.

Therefore, you are back to having to use a jack to lift the van and position the wheel to fit the wheel clamp. However, here you can sometimes run into the second issue.

Depending on the physical size of the levelling ramp and the required position, it can be tricky to get it into position while the jack is holding up the caravan.

Lock n Level & The AL-KO Wheel Clamp

There is a company that has observed the issue of levelling a caravan with an AL-KO wheel clamp fitted and developed a product to address the issue.

The company is called Lock n Level. It’s essentially an airbag system that can be used to raise and level both single and twin-axle caravans fitted with an AL-KO wheel clamp.

Outandaboutlive did quite a detailed post on their experiences using the Lock n Level system. There is also the video below from Dan of Meet the Trudgians.

If you have an AL-KO wheel clamp fitted to your caravan, the Lock n Level product may be worth considering

I’ve not as yet had any guests with the Lock n Level product. While I do think it’s a clever way to address the issue, there is one obvious question your probably thinking, will it leak?

In other words, once you have levelled your caravan, how long will it hold that air pressure for?

I cannot find a FAQ section on the Lock n Level website, so I’m not sure about their response to such a question.

However, I do know when it comes to air awnings, for instance, how long they hold air pressure can be a concern to caravanners. You can check the latest price for Lock n Level on Amazon.

Conclusions On The AL-KO Wheel Clamp

Arguably there is no better caravan wheel clamp on the market than the AL-KO product. Furthermore, if it already comes fitted to your caravan, your insurer may have a mandatory requirement that you fit it.

However, if the above issues around levelling your caravan with the AL-KO wheel lock fitted concern you, it’s worth asking your insurer if they will also approve the use of other caravan wheel clamps.

Therefore, below we’ll look at what other products you can consider.

Other Caravan Wheel Clamp Options

One of the key benefits of the AL-KO wheel lock is how little space (and weight) it actually takes up in the caravan. The two relatively small red metal inserts don’t take up much space at all.

Therefore when looking at other aftermarket wheel clamps for your caravan, how bulky they are and how heavy they are need to be considered.

Remember, its important that you know the weight of your caravan and you don’t go over its weight allowance.

Purple Line Nemesis Ultra Caravan Wheel Clamp

I’ve had quite a few guests now who have chosen to go with the Nemesis Ultra clamp, and I’ve heard a lot of positive feedback.

The Nemesis Ultra is very similar in appearance to the AL-KO clamp. However, it does not suffer from the aliment issue.

As you can see from the Purple Line promotional video below, they like to emphasise the aliment issue. They state other manufacturer’s products suffer from ‘fiddley aliment’, which the Nemesis Ultra does not.

This promotional video from Purple Line shows how easy it is to fit the Nemesis Ultra caravan wheel clamp.

Purple Line Nemesis Ultra Security Rating

The Nemesis Ultra caravan wheel clamp is a Thatcham Approval ‘Category 3’ approved protection, which is recognised by several insurance companies.

The Nemesis Ultra features a toughened steel bar that passes through the wheel and stops wheel rotation as the bar comes in contact with the caravan chassis.

The lock is resistant to picking, drilling and even gas freezing and shattering.

Purple Line Nemesis Ultra Features

  • Thatcham Approval ‘category 3’
  • 5 Year warranty
  • Suits most 13″, 14″ & 15″ alloy wheels
  • Fitment through the wheel
  • Weight 3kg

Nemesis Ultra: Check the latest price on Amazon

Purple Line Fullstop Excalibur

An alternative product offered by Purple Line is the Fullsop Excalibur. Compared to the Nemesis Ultra, this is more of a wrap-around product, going behind and underneath the wheel.

However, as you can see from the image below, the Excalibur can also be fitted directly to the AL-KO security bolt receiver on the chassis (if fitted).

The Purple Line Fullstop Excalibur caravan wheel clamp – Image: Amazon.co.uk

Purple Line Fullstop Excalibur Features

  • Sold Secure Gold Standard
  • Fits most caravans with alloy wheels after 2005
  • Easier to fit and align than the AL-KO lock
  • Warranty 5 years
  • Weight 3.9kg

Purple Line Fullstop Excalibur Conclusions

I’ve never actually seen the Purple Line Excalibur fitted to a guest’s caravan, despite often seeing the Nemesis lock, which is interesting.

Something which is worth pointing out is the Sold Secure Gold rating. This is obviously not as high as the Diamond rating of the AL-KO lock.

So while it is easier to fit than the AL-KO lock, it does not provide the same level of protection. Price-wise, it is more expensive than the Nemesis last time I checked.

Fullstop Excalibur – Check the latest price on Amazon

Maypole Stronghold Caravan Alloy Wheel Lock

Another alternative product that is very similar to the Nemesis Ultra is the Maypole Stronghold wheel lock.

I’ve seen a couple of guests with this Maypole wheel lock, however not as many as the Nemesis Ultra.

The Maypole Stronghold is a slightly cheaper product. However, there are also some notable differences to the Nemesis Ultra.

The Maypole Stronghold wheel lock is another popular alternative to the AL-KO caravan wheel clamp – Image: Amazon.co.uk

Maypole Stronghold Features

  • Sold Secure Gold Approved
  • Easily fitted in around 10 seconds
  • Suits most 13″, 14″ & 15″ alloy wheels
  • Fitment through the wheel
  • Weight under 3.5kg

Conclusions On The Maypole Stronghold

So you may have noticed the Maypole Stronghold is Sold Secure Gold Approved. If you recall, earlier in the post, where we discussed the AL-KO wheel lock, that product is Sold Secure Diamond Approved.

Looking at the design of the Maypole, the likely reason is how exposed the steel bar is that fits through the wheel. While toughened, its not impossible that a cutter could get through this.

Hence the likely reason for the lower rating of the Maypole Stronghold when compared to the AL-KO wheel lock.

However, the Maypole Stronghold still provides a high level of security protection and is a recognised product by several insurance companies.

Also, its a lot easier to fit than the AL-KO lock. The question then becomes, would you choose the Maypole Stronghold over the Nemesis Ultra for the small difference in price?

Maypole Stronghold: Check the latest price on Amazon

Maypole Scimitar Wheel Clamp

There is a huge range of wheel clamps offered by Maypole. However, I only really want to discuss their products which are aimed specifically at caravaners.

I’ve never actually seen their alternative product, the Scimitar, fitted to a guest’s caravan. However, it is another caravan wheel clamp potentially worth considering.

Maypole Scimitar wheel clamp is another protection device by Maypole specifically aimed at caravanners – Image: Amazon.co.uk

Maypole Scimitar Features

  • For 13-15 inch wheels with 165mm to 205mm tyres and a spoke gap of at least 50mm
  • Fitting time less than 30 seconds
  • Sold Secure Gold Standard
  • Weight 8.6kg

Maypole Scimitar Conclusions

The Scimitar, with its large bright yellow disc, does serve as a good visual deterrent.

However, if we compare the Scimitar to the other Maypole product, the Stronghold or the Nemesis Ultra, it does struggle to compete.

First, it’s bulkier and heavier (8.6kg compared to less than 4kg). It also takes longer to fit (30 seconds compared to 10 seconds).

Now, I personally don’t put too much emphasis on the fitting time. Seriously, who thinks a 20 seconds difference is significant?

However, it does not actually provide any additional security protection, according to Sold Secure, who gave the Scimitar a Gold rating.

Price-wise its a little bit cheaper than the Stronghold or the Nemesis Ultra. However, does that make up for the additional weight and bulk?

Maypole Scimitar – Check the latest price on Amazon

Milenco Wraith Caravan Wheel Clamp

Milenco is probably a brand you will recognise as a caravanner, they produce a wide range of caravan accessories. Currently, their premium caravan wheel clamp is the Wraith.

Very similar in appearance to the Nemesis Ultra, apart from being bright yellow as opposed to bright orange.

The Wraith is the premium offering by Milenco of their caravan wheel clamp range. Image – Amazon.co.uk

Milenco Wraith Features

  • Fits Steel (some) and Alloy Wheels
  • 5 Year Lock Warranty
  • Designed to be simple to fit
  • Highly visible security deterrent
  • Sold Secure Gold Standard
  • Weight 4.1kg

Milenco Wraith Conclusions

The Wraith is very similar in construction and appearance to the Nemesis Ultra. The Wraith is rated as Gold Standard by Sold Secure.

Unfortunately, at this point in time, the Nemesis Ultra is not rated by Sold Secure, so it’s not possible to make a direct comparison.

It would be interesting to see if the Nemesis Ultra could achieve the Diamond Sold Secure standard.

However, based on the information available, the Wraith and Nemesis Ultra are very closely matched. There is only a 1kg weight advantage to the Nemesis Ultra.

As the Wraith is a relatively new product from Milenco, I’ve as yet to see any guests with one fitted.

When it comes to the price difference between the Wraith and the Nemesis Ultra, there is very little difference. When I last checked, it was just a few pounds.

Milenco Wraith – Check the latest prices on Amazon

Milenco Compact Wheel Clamp

The last product I wanted to reference is the Milenco Compact Wheel Clamp.

The reason being most of the clamps referenced above can only be fitted to caravans with alloy wheels that have large enough gaps between the spokes.

While practically all modern caravans today come with alloy wheels, there also needs to be security solutions for older caravans without alloy wheels.

One of the best solutions, in my opinion, for older caravans with steel wheels, is the Milenco Compact Wheel Clamp.

The Milenco Compact wheel clamp is also suitable for older caravans with steel wheels – Image: Amazon.co.uk

Milenco Compact Wheel Clamp Features

  • Suitable for both Steel and Alloy Wheels
  • 12″ to 16″ Wheels
  • Tyre sizes 145 up to 225
  • Weight 3.88kg

Milenco Compact Wheel Clamp Conclusions

While the Milenco Compact wheel clamp can be fitted to steel wheels, making it a very flexible solution, there is a notable omission.

Milenco provides no information on the security standard the compact wheel clamp is rated to. Therefore if you do choose to go with this product, check with your insurer first on potential discounts.

Even if your insurer does not provide a discount, it will still provide some protection. Furthermore, with security products, its often as much about the visual deterrent.

Thieves are looking for easy targets. Therefore, any wheel clamp is better than no wheel clamp.

Milenco Compact – Check the latest prices on Amazon

Conclusions On The Best Caravan Wheel Clamps

There is a huge range of wheel clamps available for caravans. With this post, I just wanted to focus on products I see my guests using, which they have provided positive feedback on.

When it comes to any caravan security product, your first question should be, ‘What about my insurance?‘.

The type and standard of wheel clamp you choose can either reduce your insurance or invalidate it.

Therefore, it’s extremely important to know where you stand on wheel clamps when it comes to your caravan insurance policy.

When it comes to feedback I’ve received from our guests many of them have swapped from large bulky clamps to lighter more compact wheel locks.

If you can get used to fitting the AL-KO lock, that is often seen by insurers as the most secure option.

This is further reinforced by the Sold Secure Diamond Standard. However, the AL-KO lock can be very frustrating to fit, especially while levelling a caravan.

Also, the AL-KO lock is more fiddly to fit when at short stops at motorway service stations for instance.

Anyway, I’m sure the above information on caravan wheel clamps has given you a lot to think about.

I hope you also think about visiting us here at Horton Common in the future to experience our hard standing fully serviced pitches. 🙂

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